On the road to success with old gold and new CRM

SMARTCRM supports sales and purchasing at KOOS Edelmetalle GmbH

KOOS Edelmetalle GmbH:

  • Jewelry, precious metals, estate and dental services


  • CRM replacement
  • Standard ERP interface
  • Used in field and back office sales, and purchasing

Requirements and project goals:

  • Multi-client capability
  • Bi-directional interface to ERP system
  • Merge customer and supplier addresses from ERP
  • Transfer of conditions from ERP
  • Various BI analyses with quantity data
  • Improved field service connection
  • SRM functionality and analytics for purchasing

With KOOS Edelmetalle GmbH we welcome another company to our constantly growing customer base. The company, based in Renningen, Germany, has been providing services in the jewelry, precious metals, scrap and dental sectors since 1980. Until now, the company relied on the sales application of another provider. After the application was discontinued, a new tool was needed for the sales staff, and KOOS decided to implement a CRM solution. The goals of the implementation are a central pool of information and digitalized, more efficient processes that will replace handwritten notes and reduce workload.

During the CRM selection process, we impressed the customer with our extensive interface experience around the ERP system used at KOOS. Thanks to our decades of expertise, we can offer a bi-directional standard interface, which KOOS also opted for.
In the future, SMARTCRM will use this connection to capture prospects, customers, suppliers, quotations, delivery notes, as well as sales and order backlogs and open items. SMARTCRM analyzes the data and makes it available to the sales force in various BI analyses at the press of a button. Purchasing is also kept up to date with SRM functionality and orders and invoices transferred from the ERP system.

KOOS customers are often also suppliers. While two addresses are created in the ERP system, SMARTCRM merges the supplier and customer address into one address without losing any information. Sales and invoices for a customer/supplier are also assigned to a single address. Conditions stored in the ERP solution are transferred to SMARTCRM via the interface so that they can be viewed in the customer file at any time and filtered through the address search. If values change in the ERP software, they are automatically updated in the CRM system.
In the other direction, SMARTCRM provides prospects, updated customers/suppliers and contact persons for the ERP system via the interface, whereby the data is first imported into an intermediate file to check the data quality, as requested by KOOS.

Another requirement in the selection process was multi-client capability, which SMARTCRM also meets. The two business units are mapped as separate clients in the CRM solution. This means that the responsible employees only see the information they actually need. If required, all data can be viewed across clients with the appropriate rights. Rights can also be assigned within a client. This means that the sales force can see the customers in their own territory.

SMARTCRM will support sales processes in the long term. For example, before visiting a customer, sales representatives can use the area search in the CRM system to check which interesting addresses are within a certain radius of the location to be visited and visualize them on a map in Bing Maps. The route is then planned and, if necessary, additional addresses along the route are added to the tour using the corridor search. SMARTCRM then allows the tour to be transferred back into the CRM system with a single click, creating planned appointments and activities at the same time. After the visit, the visit report can be documented directly in the activity in the CRM system and tasks and information can be sent – either offline via the notebook or in the SMARTCRM.App on the smartphone. Our mobile solutions provide access to all important CRM information on the go, as well as the ability to enter new data, tasks and appointments in the CRM system. This information is synchronized as soon as an Internet connection is available, making it available in real time to employees in the office.

In addition, employees in the field force will be able to keep up to date with their customers’ sales trends and purchases through reports in their customer file and directly on their start screen, called the SMART Board. They can also see their monthly commissions per customer, including the respective quantities.

The customer

KOOS Edelmetalle GmbH, based in Renningen, combines the business areas of precious metals, scrap, investment, jewelry and dental under one roof. Founded in 1980, the company has successfully established itself in the industry over the decades. Reliability, straightforwardness, diligence and a sense of proportion form the basis for the long-standing partnerships with customers. As an owner-managed company, KOOS maintains direct and personal contact with its business partners. As a medium-sized company, KOOS knows what is important to its customers. And as a family-owned company with short lines of communication and flat hierarchies, KOOS can respond to their wishes quickly and without complications.

The implemented modules

  • SMARTCRM.ProjectsSMARTCRM.Projects


    • Creating quotations in a few clicks and keeping track of all of them for follow-ups?
    • How high are the chances of success?
    • What is the current project forecast?
    • Who plays which role in the project and which arguments could convince the decision-makers?

    With SMARTCRM.Projects, you know exactly in each phase of your sales project you need to start.

  • SMARTCRM.InxmailSMARTCRM.Inxmail


    • By using SMARTCRM and Inxmail professional you automate your mailing processes. Indeed, a central database, extensive selection options, a complete documentation and a professional e-mail marketing solution all meet here.
    • Define your target group at any time, minimize the waste coverage and easily send personalized mailings and newsletter.

    SMARTCRM and Inxmail support you with a wide range of data protection, tracking and double opt-in features for GDPR compliant e-mail marketing.



    SMARTCRM already has an integrated document management system offering you numerous possibilities.

    This allows you to trigger different processes to edit, produce or manage documents directly from the CRM workflow.

    In addition, SMARTCRM can also be connected to third party document management systems.



    • All important data in one system?
    • A centralized access for all colleagues?
    • Connecting ERP and CRM hassle-free?
    • Best with a ready-to-use interface, which can be quickly and easily set up as a standard solution?

    With SMARTCRM.ERP, all customer-related ERP information can be found directly in SMARTCRM. 

  • SMARTCRM.Exchange.SyncSMARTCRM.Exchange.Sync


    • Keeping track – not only of your own e-mails, activities and appointments but also of those of your team colleagues?
    • Gathering all information centrally in the CRM
    • And this, without having to worry about how the data end up there?

    Central instead of local: so easily SMARTCRM cares for the synchronization of your communication and contact data between the CRM solution and Outlook through Exchange Sync.



    • Accessing customer information over the browser?
    • Calling online the current statistics figures?
    • Creating appointments and tasks over the Web and sending them directly to the colleagues?

    SMARTCRM.Web is your practical CRM on the go.



      • Checking the current sales development before the annual evaluation meeting?
      • And comparing the sales trend of the top customers in your territory?
      • Which products they have not been using can you offer them?
      • Where can you see potential which are not yet used?

      SMARTCRM.Sales shows you the answers since this is the CRM with your figures.

    • SMARTCRM.PlanningSMARTCRM.Planning


      • Annual planning based on territories? Key accounts? Or individual customers?
      • And even considering the seasonal curves?
      • Should there be plan deviations, how quickly can you react and adjust the projected figures?

      SMARTCRM.Planning offers you the long-term vision without losing sight of the latest developments.



    • A colleague is sick? What has been discussed with the customer?
    • Has the quotation already been sent? Should you do a follow up?
    • When is the next agreed visit?

    SMARTCRM.Basis can tell you: what, when, with whom and with what result – centrally available in the CRM system for all employees and traceable even years after.



      • On your way back from a customer? The most important agreements immediately into the CRM?
      • And at the same time send a task to a colleague because of the offer?
      • Does he have time to clarify the details tomorrow?
      • And the whole thing using any mobile device, whether Android or iOS?

      SMARTCRM.App is your practical CRM on the go. Access important CRM data online at any time.

    • SMARTCRM.OfflineSMARTCRM.Offline


      • On the go and all CRM data accessible ?
      • Discussing the open quotations while at a customer site?
      • Writing a service report right after a maintenance appointment?
      • And all this without internet connection?

      With SMARTCRM.Offline, you always have your CRM with you – wherever you are.

  • SMARTCRM.TargetsSMARTCRM.Targets


    • Targets defined – and now?
    • How close are you to your target agreements?
    • How close is your team? And the whole company?
    • Are there any indications that you cannot achieve your goals? How can you react?

    With SMARTCRM.Targets, you keep the target in mind.



    • On the road and time for a spontaneous visit? A prospective customer with an open quotation perhaps? Who is currently nearby?
    • Back to the customers with declining purchasing volumes after three months? How do you get there? Look at the trip on a map?
    • And how do you integrate new customers into existing sales tours?

    SMARTCRM shows you the direct path to customers.

  • SMARTCRM.TourPlanningSMARTCRM.TourPlanning


    • Is the next weekly planning for the sales or service staff pending?
    • Which customers should be visited on the tour?
    • Which appointments have been already made?
    • To which tour can you combine them with?

    Schedule your tours with SMARTCRM at the blink of an eye: save time with visit suggestions, calendar entries and predefined visit reports.



    • Finding real solutions quickly when a customer calls?
    • Creating service cases and directly informing the relevant colleagues?
    • Coordinating and monitoring service appointments?
    • Early detection that several customers have already reported the same error?

    With SMARTCRM.Ticket, complaints become an opportunity to whip up enthusiasm in your customers.

  • SMARTCRM.MachinesSMARTCRM.Machines


    • Which machines has the customer in use?
    • When does the warranty expire and how long is the service contract?
    • When is the next maintenance work?
    • And at the customers’ premises? All urgently needed device information at hand?
    • Directly organizing a spare part delivery?
    • Creating the maintenance report immediately after the repair?

    SMARTCRM.Machines is our support for your service department.

  • SMARTCRM.CompetitionSMARTCRM.Competition


    • How is your market situation? Who are your direct competitors?
    • Which customers work with the competitor?
    • Which competitive products are in use?
    • What are the strengths of your products compared to the competition?

    With SMARTCRM.Competition, you keep an eye on your competitors and always find the right arguments for successful sales work.


The ERP interface

KOOS relies on the interface between CRM and ERP :