Be ahead of the competition

How is your market situation? Who are your direct competitors? Which customers work with the competitor? Which competitive products are in use? What are the strengths of your products compared to the competition?

With SMARTCRM, you keep an eye on your competitors and always find the right arguments for successful sales work.

Using the competition analysis of SMARTCRM, you can identify your sales potential and evaluate your competition. Record all information related to your competitors as well as the products they offer in our CRM system. Document which competitive products have been purchased by your customers and integrate this information in your sales strategy.

SMARTCRM helps you to win your customers over your own products. Indeed, strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed and compared at a glance by linking your product with the corresponding competitive product. Knowing in which areas your products stand out from the competition, you can target a customer discussion even more effectively and successfully exploit unused potential.