A seamless process

Our implementation process is divided into six successive phases.

Step by step through the SMARTCRM implementation

No CRM project exactly matches the other. And yet, when it comes to the required functionalities, processes to be mapped and interfaces, there are more parallels than differences. In our more than 30 years on the CRM market, we have therefore developed and established a clearly structured process which will remain comprehensible in every phase to you as a new customer.

A successful CRM has system – just as the implementation of SMARTCRM.

The pillars of this process

  • Clarifying all requirements
  • Mediation of the core message “CRM is a company philosophy” for a broad user acceptance
  • Customized software concept
  • Close cooperation in each project phase
  • Qualified trainings
  • Continuing support

Real start, and now?

Of course, we will be there for you, to answer your questions, to introduce innovations, to develop further your CRM system and to train your new colleagues.

Since your satisfaction is our goal.

Experience SMARTCRM live

Would you like to get to know SMARTCRM better? Then, our free of charge and non-binding online demo is the right thing for you!