Our secret of success?

Customer satisfaction – for more customer loyalty.

With SMARTCRM no problem.
Works also with our own customers.

SMARTCRM customer loyalty

Our customers have relied on SMARTCRM for:

    CRM from the specialist

    For over 25 years, we, at SMARTCRM, have been working on Customer Relationship Management.  With more than 500 man years of experience, our team can fall back on absolute know-how.

    The result of our work is a CRM tool from professionals for professionals.

    Sales professionals use SMARTCRM for:

    ✓ Tour planning ✓ Visit preparation
    ✓ Lead management ✓ Target agreements
    ✓ Quotation preparation and tracking
    ✓ Sales management ✓ Customer retention

    Now start the turbo in your sales!

    Our success as a team: the right mix of employees

    Old hands and newbies

      From here and from elsewhere

        Customers on SMARTCRM

        We have eliminated our double quotation writing. The sales-relative data are current at any time for our sales employees and available all around the world. SMARTCRM facilitates our maintenance development and the assembly process.

        Bernd Breuninger, CRM project manager at Herrmann Ultraschall GmbH & Co. KG

        The attendance of the master data maintenance and their quality have been clearly improved, the processes have become significantly more transparent and more comprehensible thanks to the personal information manager and the activity overview. This is a major step forward for us.

        Maximilian Fritsch, Executive assistant at Fritsch GmbH


        SMARTCRM in Austria

        Salzburg Schokolade’s sales department relies on CRM

        With the Salzburg Schokolade GmbH, we welcome another customer from Austria. From now on, SMARTCRM supports the sales processes of the confectionery manufacturer in the field as well as in the back office.


        Support in all sales processes

        SMARTCRM in use at Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG

        Since 2014, SMARTCRM has been supporting the employees of Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG in sales, marketing, service and purchasing. Our CRM solution scored among others with the preconfigured standard interfaces to abas ERP and abas DMS.


        A new version, many new functions

        In April, SMARTCRM 18.2 will be launched

        Our new SMARTCRM version 18.2 is available in April – and with it, many new functions for company-wide processes. Take advantage of the numerous novelties concerning the privacy-compliant processing of personal data. Save time and costs with the quick entry of your contacts and use the new functions of the SMARTCRM.App when on the go.