Tailored CRM

As much standard as possible,
as individual as you,
and yet 100% updatable.

CRM from the specialist

For 30 years, we, at SMARTCRM, have been working on Customer Relationship Management.  With more than 500 man years of experience, our team can fall back on absolute know-how.

The result of our work is a CRM tool from professionals for professionals.

Sales professionals use SMARTCRM for:

✓ Tour planning ✓ Visit preparation
✓ Lead management ✓ Target agreements
✓ Quotation preparation and tracking
✓ Sales management ✓ Customer retention

Now start the turbo in your sales!

Our success as a team: the right mix of employees

Old hands and newbies

    From here and from elsewhere

      Our secret of success?

      Customer satisfaction – for more customer loyalty

      With SMARTCRM no problem.

      Works also with our own customers.

      Our customers have relied on SMARTCRM for:

      Customers on SMARTCRM

      We have eliminated our double quotation writing. The sales-relative data are current at any time for our sales employees and available all around the world. SMARTCRM facilitates our maintenance development and the assembly process.

      Bernd Breuninger, CRM project manager at Herrmann Ultraschall GmbH & Co. KG

      The attendance of the master data maintenance and their quality have been clearly improved, the processes have become significantly more transparent and more comprehensible thanks to the personal information manager and the activity overview. This is a major step forward for us.

      Maximilian Fritsch, Executive assistant at Fritsch GmbH


      Vacation time – Substitution time

      Stay on top of things with SMARTCRM even in the case of a substitution

      Vacation, illness, parental leave: regardless of why a colleague is not at work: if important tasks should not be left behind, a team member must take over as a substitute. In all customer-oriented departments, this means quickly familiarizing yourself with the acquired customers and prospects. With SMARTCRM and the SMARTCRM.Organizer you don’t have to worry about that.


      CRM support and interface expertise for all business units

      WILKA relies on SMARTCRM with the connection to proALPHA and Inxmail

      From now on, WILKA Schließtechnik GmbH will rely on our CRM solution in its field and office sales, as well as in service and marketing. WILKA decided to introduce a CRM system because, for example, the field sales force did not have direct access to the data stored in the ERP system proALPHA. A central system with all customer-related information, which can be viewed by all employees, was missing. This will change with SMARTCRM and the connections to proALPHA and Inxmail.