SMARTCRM continues to expand its abas customer basis

CRM support for the sales department of Unnapur GmbH

Once again our interface expertise as well as the standard connection to abas ERP impressed : Unnapur decided to use SMARTCRM. Unnapur already uses abas ERP and PROXESS DMS. We offer standard interfaces to both sytems, which helped us score in the CRM selection process. Furthermore, Unnapur benefits from the CTI connection.


“CRM made in Germany” meets “Animal shearing devices made in Switzerland“

SMARTCRM deployed at the global market leader Heiniger AG

Our customer base using abas ERP is constantly growing. Thus, we are pleased to welcome Heiniger AG as our new customer. The Swiss company decided to implement CRM due to the lack of field integration. SMARTCRM scored here with its mobile solutions. In addition, our bidirectional standard interface connects the CRM solution to abas ERP. Time-consuming information retrieval and manual data maintenance in Microsoft Excel lists thus come to an end.


Swiss full-service partner for exhibition stand construction relies on SMARTCRM

Our CRM solution supports the sales team of STEINMETZ EXPO AG

After two years of Covid, STEINMETZ EXPO, a renowned exhibition stand constructor from Switzerland, is taking off again and has decided to use SMARTCRM to support its sales processes. Since the company has already been using SAP Business One, an interface between ERP and CRM systems was a mandatory requirement in the selection process. In this aspect, we impressed with our great expertise and a standard connection to SAP.


RELISTE relies on professional CRM and SAGE X3 interface

Austrian automation technology provider chooses SMARTCRM for a second time

RELISTE GmbH had already been using SMARTCRM for ten years until the company decided against the further use of a CRM system in 2013 in the course of an ERP change. In the meantime, however, they have become persuaded of the advantage of a professional CRM solution. Since we were already convincing as a reliable partner with good support during the first SMARTCRM deployment, RELISTE decided to reintroduce SMARTCRM in the sales field and internal sales as well as in marketing. Instead of isolated applications, a central information pool in a system available to all employees should optimize the sales processes. That is why we connect Sage X3 to our CRM solution via an interface.



SMARTCRM wins over DCT DELTA AG with Majesty interface

Providing optimal CRM support for in-house and field sales

With DCT DELTA AG, we once again welcome a new customer from the Majesty environment. From now on SMARTCRM will support the sales processes in office and field sales. Important criteria for the CRM selection were the standard interface to Majesty, the ERP system used by DCT DELTA AG, as well as the multi-client capability. Thus, the locations in Germany and Switzerland are each mapped as separate clients.


Well-thought CRM implementation: SMARTCRM at ERO-Führungen GmbH

CRM and abas connection support sales and purchasing processes

We are pleased to welcome another new customer from the abas environment: SMARTCRM will support the processes in sales and purchasing of ERO-Führungen GmbH in the future. ERO decided to introduce a CRM system since previous data maintenance in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets was very time-consuming and became confusing with the growing amount of data. Instead of local data storage and isolated applications, the new CRM solution was to make all customer-related information available centrally for all employees in one system.


Sales and purchasing departments take advantage of SMARTCRM with the interface to abas

The Günther Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG relies on CRM support

Once again, an abas customer has decided to introduce our CRM solution. From mid-sized business for mid-sized business: this will be the moto at Günther Bachmann GmbH & Co. KG. The CRM implementation should now provide employees with a panoramic view of customers and suppliers. For this purpose, SMARTCRM is connected to the abas ERP which is also deployed. In the CRM selection process, we scored with our bidirectional standard interface to abas ERP as well as our decades of expertise. Not only the sales department, but also the purchasing department takes advantage from this interface and the extensive SRM functionalities in SMARTCRM.


CRM support and interface expertise for all business units

WILKA relies on SMARTCRM with the connection to proALPHA and Inxmail

From now on, WILKA Schließtechnik GmbH will rely on our CRM solution in its field and office sales, as well as in service and marketing. WILKA decided to introduce a CRM system because, for example, the field sales force did not have direct access to the data stored in the ERP system proALPHA. A central system with all customer-related information, which can be viewed by all employees, was missing. This will change with SMARTCRM and the connections to proALPHA and Inxmail.


Sales support at Proton Motor thanks to SMARTCRM and abas connection

Convenient quotation preparation and tracking in the CRM

From now on, our CRM solution supports field and office sales staff of the Proton Motor Fuel Cell. The most important goal of the CRM implementation is the optimal tracking of the quotations. Thanks to the Microsoft Office integration, sales employees will create their quotations directly in the CRM solution. In addition, SMARTCRM could be easily connected to the ERP solution used by Proton Motor, abas ERP, using our bidirectional standard interface.