SMARTCRM supports sales and distribution of FOGTEC Fire Protection

Intelligent CRM solution for intelligent fire protection solutions

From now on, our CRM solution supports FOGTEC sales staff. The goal of the CRM implementation is to bundle all customer-related data in one system. Both the stand-alone solutions as well as local data storage should belong to the past from now on. SMARTCRM impressed in the CRM selection process with its preconfigured standard interface to proALPHA. Another key criterion was the multi-client capability of the software. Thus, in SMARTCRM, there are different clients for different business units.


Winning over with our proALPHA and Inxmail interface expertise

SMARTCRM has been deployed in sales and marketing at KÖHL

From now on, KÖHL relies on SMARTCRM in sales, distribution and marketing. One of the goals of the implementation was to remove isolated solutions and thus optimize all-round access to transaction data, such as customer sales trends, for the field staff. Easy with SMARTCRM: our CRM solution bundles all customer-related information in one system. Via standard interfaces, we connect SMARTCRM to the ERP and DMS systems of proALPHA.


Our abas customer base has expanded once again

SMARTCRM supports SVS Schweißtechnik in sales and purchasing

With SVS Schweißtechnik GmbH, our abas customer base has been expanding. Sales field and back office staff as well as purchasing will be supported by our CRM solution in the future. SVS Schweißtechnik chose us in the CRM decision process given our great interface expertise with this ERP system. Another standard interface links our CRM system to the Document Management System Habel. Connecting the purchasing department to SMARTCRM was also important to SVS Schweißtechnik.


SMARTCRM scores again in the brewing industry

Glaabsbräu relies on our CRM and OfficeBrau connection for sales and distribution

We are pleased to welcome Glaabsbräu GmbH & Co. KG as a new customer. Once again a brewery has decided to work with SMARTCRM. The goal of the CRM introduction is to create a central database. Among others, all communication is to be documented in this database in order to enable employees to access all customer-related information at any time.


DEFLEX relies on SMARTCRM and the interface to abas in sales and distribution

From tour planning to visit report: full CRM support in the field

Our customer base from the abas environment keeps on growing: again, we made a difference as a longtime abas cooperation partner in the CRM decision process of DEFLEX. Using our CRM solution, visit planning for the field service will be even easier in the future, as stored visit rhythms and reminders will ensure reduced planning work. In addition, DEFLEX will also be supported in planning tours by our CRM solution.


EPH elektronik relies on SMARTCRM for sales work

From prototypes to series production: CRM support in each project phase

In the future, SMARTCRM will support office and field sales teams of the EPH elektronik. Important requirements of the CRM implementation are the optimization of project and quotation management as well as the interface between SMARTCRM and ERP SelectLine used by EPH.


SMARTCRM and interface to CIB ERP provide sales support

sh minerals GmbH relies on CRM for quotation tracking

sh minerals GmbH has decided to implement SMARTCRM in the sales and service departments. During the CRM decision-making process, SMARTCRM was able to score with several reference discussions attesting our high-level of customer satisfaction as well as our support. Important goals of the CRM implementation are comprehensive and convenient tracking of quotations as well as an interface to the ERP system of the Computer Institute Bamberg.


Easily done for SMARTCRM: Connecting to proALPHA in the data center

Cross-departmental CRM support at LENZEN Group

The LENZEN Group has decided to implement our CRM solution. From now on, SMARTCRM supports the employees company-wide in sales, service, marketing and management. Improving the sales force integration is the important goal that the LENZEN Group is pursuing with the CRM introduction. SMARTCRM also impressed with the ERP connection. The LENZEN Group uses the ERP solution proALPHA. However, this is not operated directly in-house, but in a data center. This was absolutely no issue for us.


Our abas standard interface and ERP expertise impressed

SMARTCRM replaces CRM system at SWM-AUTOBLOK

With SMW-AUTOBLOK Spannsysteme GmbH we are pleased to welcome another customer from the abas environment. SMARTCRM replaces the previously used CRM system at SMW-AUTOBLOK. One reason for the replacement is the desired connection of abas ERP to the CRM solution, which could not be implemented with the current system. As a long-term cooperation partner of abas Software GmbH, however, we offer a standard interface to abas. Another important requirement of the company is the mapping of group structures.