Success stories

More and more companies rely on SMARTCRM

Reference customers in manufacturing and trade


Who belongs to our target group? And who are our customers? How long have they been using SMARTCRM? In which departments is SMARTCRM used? And with which ERP interfaces?

Curious about who really are our customers? Here is the answer! Get to know some of the companies from manufacturing and B2B trade and look behind the scenes of the CRM everyday life.

CRM testimonials: our customers have their say

Before, every operating department kept its own treasure. Today, through SMARTCRM, I am always informed and never have the feeling that any information is missing. Thanks to the CRM System our sales processes are more transparent. For sales is SMARTCRM the right tool.

Roman Merk, Sales manager of the Bremicker Verkehrstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

There is a high acceptance of SMARTCRM in our company, all sales employees use the CRM system very intensely. SMARTCRM is for us THE communication platform, this is where all customer data are gathered.

Sebastian Hänssler, Technical manager of Hänssler Kunststoff- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH

We use SMARTCRM also as a tool for sales controlling. We manage activities depending on sales and target analyses. This is really important for the acquisition of new customers. SMARTCRM is a system particularly flexible, which adjusts easily to customer-specifics requirements.

Dr. Thomas Konrad, Director of Sales at Herwe – chem.-tech. Erzeugnisse GmbH

The attendance of the master data maintenance and their quality have been clearly improved, the processes have become significantly more transparent and more comprehensible thanks to the personal information manager and the activity overview. This is a major step forward for us.

Maximilian Fritsch, Executive assistant at Fritsch GmbH