Turbo for your sales

A new prospective customer – but does his request really fit and how much efforts are worth here? Which customers do belong to the top customers? And which one just happens to be? Where is more growth potential?  Which customer could need the new accessory?
Preparing quotations is long and time-consuming every time? And then, keeping track of those which are still open!
What about your sales targets? Not on your radar? And a simple tour planning is as much a foreign concept as the mobile access on customer data?

Our CRM software provides structured processes, well-informed decisions and the reinforcement of your customer retention.

SMARTCRM is your sales support!

The 360° customer view

phone_receiver2Knowing who is calling before answering? SMARTCRM displays this information directly on your screen. Using the CTI function integrated in SMARTCRM.Basis, you can switch to the activity history of the calling customer or prospective customer and you can immediately see which colleague he was in contact with and for what reason.

Moreover, all further customer-related information is accessible depending on the implemented SMARTCRM modules. Thus, you can see for instance, whether there is any open quotation or whether the service colleagues are currently processing a ticket from this customer, how the sales figures are developing and which products have already been purchased. Thanks to this 360° customer view, our CRM software enables you to provide competent support and shows you possible cross-selling and up-selling potentials – for successful sales work and high customer satisfaction.

Successful cross and up selling

auswertungenFor the sales staff, figures are an indispensable indicator of how they successfully manage their sales work. SMARTCRM is the foundation for such decisions since it provides all necessary information in extensive evaluations for sales.

SMARTCRM can indeed answer many questions such as:

  • For which customer have the revenues collapsed?
  • Who has not bought anything for a long time?
  • Which products are particularly well sold in a territory, which ones are shelf warmers?
  • Which one of the top products does the customer not yet use?
  • Can I offer matching accessories or follow-up models to a customer?

… with your ERP figures

erpSMARTCRM.ERP imports the figures from your ERP system using an interface and provides them in extensive evaluations in the module SMARTCRM.Sales.

maschinenIf your company sells equipment or machines, you can document their locations at your customers’ as well as the conducted service visits with SMARTCRM.Machines.

Which competitors‘ products are used by your customers?

With SMARTCRM.Competitionwettbewerb, you can store competitors’ products in the database and confront them to our own products. Compare the prices, weigh the pros and the contras of the make and list the arguments for a change to your own product.

Keep track of your target agreements

zieleDefine your sales targets and store your target agreements – such as the revenue, the number of visits or the first contacts – for individual employees or teams in the module SMARTCRM.Targets.

SMARTCRM indicates you your daily target achievement at any time. If the figures do not develop as hoped, then you can timely take counteractions such as phone calls or mailings.

Your detailed annual planning

planungTop-down or bottom-up – how do you plan? With  SMARTCRM.Planning, both can be implemented. No matters whether you would like your plan to be based on your merchandise groups, product groups or products, of piece numbers or revenues, SMARTCRM delivers reliable figures and keep them up-to-date.

Sales and revenue figures do not always develop as expected at the beginning of the year. This is why you have the possibility to adjust plan figures at any time. SMARTCRM confronts the current to the target values, so you are informed of deviations at an early stage.

Tour planning made easy

tourenplanungWith SMARTCRM.Basis – the foundation of each SMARTCRM installation –plan and manage your tours. Assign your customers and prospective customers to specific sales tours, automatically create appointments and visit reports and assess your tours.

geomapFor an optimal overview, you can use the tours planning together with SMARTCRM.GeoMap. Using this module, you can visualize all tours on a map from the online map service Bing Maps – or save the routes you have planned on a map as tour in SMARTCRM with just one click.

Successful lead management

scannerWhether at the office or on your notebook on the go – whether business card, e-mail signature or imprints: the lead acquisition is quickly done with SMARTCRM.Scanner.

Therefore our CRM solution stores all address and contact information and checks the data for possible duplicates. When adding a new contact person, you can send at the same time products documentations to prospective customers and follow-up tasks to colleagues.

Preparing and tracking quotations

projekteAlready included in SMARTCRM.Basis is the integration of Microsoft Office. In combination with SMARTCRM.Projects, you can create quotations directly in SMARTCRM. You can store templates in your corporate design and multilingual text modules with descriptions or pictures. You can also define special prices, discounts, etc. SMARTCRM generates your quotation with all information and prices at the press of a button and send follow-up tasks if needed.

All quotation documents are archived centrally in our CRM system – no matter whether the quotation was created in SMARTCRM or imported from the ERP system over SMARTCRM.ERP. This allows you to easily monitor and evaluate all quotation phases using the module SMARTCRM.Projects. In addition, SMARTCRM provides at any time an up-to-date overview of the forecast and gives you the tools for an optimal planning in the hand.

Writing a quotation on the go?

offlineFrom the app to the web client, from offline to online, from scheduling to route planning: get to know the various possibilities, with which SMARTCRM can support your field service.

The right CRM software also for your sales?

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