Web CRM: Worldwide informed

Accessing your customer information via the browser? Calling online the current statistics figures? All information about projects, machines or tickets always at a glance? Creating appointments and tasks over the web and sending them directly to your colleagues?

SMARTCRM.Web is your practical CRM on the go.


With SMARTCRM.Web, you can always call up your address and contact data online. The customer’s complete activity history as well as the stored documents are available to you in the Web client. Of course, you can also monitor all sales-relevant information and key business indicators. Moreover, you can access your managed projects, machines, complaints and FAQ entries via the web assuming the corresponding modules are used.

On the go, you can easily coordinate the agreed appointments as well as the due tasks over the Organizer. SMARTCRM.Web cares for a rapid internal information flow: this way you keep track of your tasks over the web browser and can send them to your colleagues as well.

SMARTCRM in mobile use

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