The useful companion on the go

Field service is on the roads and a customer information is urgently needed? Going immediately over the new quotation at a customer’s? On the way back, entering the report right away? The important device data ready at hand when repairing a machine? Quickly sending the colleague a task to order the spare parts?

CRM always on the go – on the smartphone or tablet? For iOS or Android? Better on the notebook? And, what if you have no Internet access?

With SMARTCRM, you have the choice, since various mobile solutions are provided – regardless of the terminal, with or without Internet connection.

A field service employee must be able on the go to get information related to:

  • current sales figures of the customer
  • last activities with colleagues
  • own appointments for the coming days
  • or prospective customers in the area

And of course after a customer visit, the back office colleagues should be informed as soon as possible about the attained knowledge:

  • visit or service reports must be written,
  • agreed appointments entered,
  • or tasks to colleagues sent

This makes it all the more convenient when the office’s CRM system stays accessible even on the go.

SMARTCRM in mobile use with our customers

Over time SMARTCRM has adapted to our requirements, since the developers of SMARTCRM take our sales processes into consideration and implement their findings in product development.

Kurt Hoppen, General Manager at Bluhm Systeme GmbH