Take the road to success

On the road and time for a spontaneous visit? A prospective customer with an open quotation perhaps? Who is currently nearby?

Back to the customers with declining purchasing volumes after three months? How do you drive there? Look at the trip on a map? How do you integrate new customers into existing sales tours?

Which of your prospective customers with open offers are located within the corridor along the route, and which ones have not been visited this year?

SMARTCRM shows you the direct path to customers.

With SMARTCRM, you can determine all addresses lying within a given radius of your selected starting point, or you can select the criteria suiting your needs. Visualize the addresses in Bing Maps and get more information, such as current sales figures.

Alternatively, plan your routes on the map considering the itinerary and the driving time. And the best thing: all that can be made via online access at the office, at home or, if necessary, spontaneously on the go.

A strong duo

For an optimal visit planning, preparation and documentation, use SMARTCRM.GeoMap combined to SMARTCRM.TourPlanning.

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