Optimal planning for successful tour

Is the next weekly planning for the sales or service staff pending? Which customers should be visited on the tour? Which appointments have been already made? To which tour can you combine them with?

Schedule your tours with SMARTCRM at the blink of an eye: save time with visit suggestions, calendar entries and predefined visit reports.

Whether sales or service works: plan, record and analyze recurring field service appointments with SMARTCRM.TourPlanning. No matter how you plan your tours: Do you have fixed regular tours? Then, assign your addresses to the tour using the features. Do you arrange visiting appointments with your customers? Then, use the reminder feature to recall you of the visit in good time. Are there due maintenance appointments? Then, let SMARTCRM display them right at the start.

Plan your tours quickly and easily based on these addresses: define the field service employee in charge, as well as the date and select with a few clicks the customers or prospective customers to be visited. SMARTCRM automatically creates appointments in the Organizer and generates plan activities for the selected addresses. Thus, following the tour, the visits are rapidly documented in the CRM system.

Visualize your tours

Use SMARTCRM.TourPlanning combined with the module SMARTCRM.GeoMap to visualize your tours in Bing Maps and plan your optimal routes depending on itinerary and travel time – via online access at the office or also on the go.

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