The key to success

A colleague is sick? What has been discussed with the customer? Has the quotation already been sent?  Should you do a follow up? When is the next agreed visit?

SMARTCRM can tell you: what, when, with whom and with what result – centrally available in the CRM system for all employees and traceable even years after.

All information right at the start

smartboard_weissOn the SMART Board, the start screen of our CRM solution, all the daily needed information are displayed. You can use, for instance, the different search functions or select addresses and contacts as favorites.


Arrange your own unique start screen using the different overviews, diagrams and functions.

The SMART Board is individually expandable over the functions contained in the standard and can be adapted to perfectly match your company’s requirements.

Central customer file

office_buildingIn SMARTCRM, you can organize and manage all addresses relevant for your CRM workflows. A full activity history provides a complete overview of the communication. For documentation, you benefit from numerous formatting options and spelling check.  In addition, you have the possibility to archive related documents such as quotations and to assign your activities to conversations.

Thanks to the CTI integration, SMARTCRM not only displays the name and the company of the caller, but allows you to jump into his activity history.

Should you add important information to the address management in SMARTCRM, depending on the modules and interfaces you use, the order status, sales and target figures, enterprise resource planning data, service reports and machine data for instance can be linked directly to the corresponding address.

And with SMARTCRM.Compliance, you can easily reconcile your address database on the basis of the EU anti-terror regulation 2580-2001 with numerous black lists.

Company-wide document management

paperclip2In SMARTCRM.Basis, a full document management tool is integrated. So you can easily store the complete correspondence with your customers in the system and call it up whenever you need it. Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Office, you can also create new documents directly from SMARTCRM.


In regards to a unified appearance, company-specific templates can be stored in the CRM system and used by the company as a standard.

Should you have been using a document management system, you can combine the advantages of the CRM and the DMS solutions together. Thus we provide standard interfaces to various DMS solutions.

Extensive campaign management

mailbox_fullWith the campaign management tool contained in SMARTCRM.Basis, all steps of your marketing and sales campaigns can be planned, documented and evaluated.

With the comparison of planned and real costs, you keep track of your budget. You can likewise document the quotations and contracts with your partners and suppliers, such as hotels, agencies or stand builders.

Using the selection tools, you can precisely define your target group, minimize unnecessary wastage and so increase the success of a campaign from the outset. The more SMARTCRM.Module you use, the better you can filter your target group.

The creation of mailing letters and e-mails is just as convenient as the evaluation of their impact.

With SMARTCRM.Inxmail, the standard interface to Inxmail Professional, you combine the strengths of our CRM solution and the ones of the e-mail marketing tool.

Convenient address acquisition

By reading in imprints or e-mail signatures, all information is automatically assigned to the corresponding fields in SMARTCRM. Minimize the acquisition effort by allocating fields with default values. Alternatively, you can easily import vcf contacts from Microsoft Outlook into SMARTCRM using drag & drop.

Naturally, you do not have to search for duplicates. SMARTCRM takes it over for you. Create then activities directly from the entry mask, send tasks for follow-up actions and select your contact right away for suitable marketing campaigns.


calendarThe organizer is an appointment and task scheduler in SMARTCRM, but also the communication medium between field service and back office. The reminder functions ensure that no deadline will be missed. All tasks and appointments can be linked to the related SMARTCRM information.

When on vacation, your organizer entries are redirected to your substitute using the substitution function.

Resources, such as the fleet, can also be conveniently managed using the organizer.

Online media monitoring

The connection of the online media monitoring tool Dealfront Connect is possible over an interface. This way, an address can be easily transferred to Dealfront with a click.

The tool then searches the Internet in real time for information concerning the company and display this useful data – such as sales development, group structures and company news – clearly summarized in your browser.