Our DMS interfaces

SMARTCRM already has an integrated document management system offering you numerous possibilities.

This allows you to trigger different processes to edit, produce or manage documents directly from the CRM workflow.

In addition, SMARTCRM can also be connected to third party document management systems.

Document management with SMARTCRM

Our basic system allows you to

  • Link documents with customers and projects,
  • Assign documents to categories,
  • Deposit templates,
  • Generate mailings.



SMARTCRM.Basis is the foundation for your company-wide information platform. Keep track of customer information, documents, appointments and tasks.





SMARTCRM can easily be connected to document management systems:

  • Direct call of the DMS out of SMARTCRM
  • Possible automatic transfer of defined documents to your DMS
  • Alternately manual transfer of data from SMARTCRM to your DMS
  • Automatic indexing of documents
  • Simultaneous documentation in the CRM customer file

We offer standard interfaces to the following document management systems:

  • abas DMS
  • proALPHA
  • d3
  • ELO

Your DMS is not listed there? Please contact us!