E-mail marketing made easy

By using SMARTCRM and Inxmail professional you automate your mailing processes. Indeed, a central database, extensive selection options, a complete documentation and a professional e-mail marketing solution all meet here.

Define your target group at any time, minimize the waste coverage and easily send personalized mailings and newsletter.

SMARTCRM and Inxmail support you with a wide range of data protection, tracking and double opt-in features for GDPR compliant e-mail marketing.

In SMARTCRM, freely definable features allow you to select exactly each contact matching to the target group.  When transferring the relevant contact to Inxmail, you can simultaneously document the dispatch of the mailing in SMARTCRM and automatically send back the reminders for subsequent follow-up to the employees in charge.

In Inxmail Professional you benefit, for instance, from individually tailored to your needs templates, integrated test mailing and approval processes as well as high safety standards.

In addition, Inxmail takes into account all requirements for a legally compliant newsletter and mailing dispatch such as double opt-in subscription and anonymous tracking.

All subscriptions or cancellation of subscriptions are not simply transferred to SMARTCRM, but also the employees in charge are automatically informed if required.