Automated address validation

The address is correct – but does the address comply with the European Anti-terror Act 2580-2001?

This question can be quickly and easily answered with SMARTCRM.Compliance.  In cooperation with Humpert & Kneer Datensysteme GmbH, we offer the pre-configured software “security gold” with which you can check your full SMARTCRM address database.

Why is it necessary to validate the address list?

The EU Anti-terror Acts 2580-2001 and 881-2002 prohibit to offer goods or services to individuals or companies which are listed on the official black lists and so to provide them economic benefits – regardless whether it concerns certain goods or services or trade with specific countries.


It is not enough to stop at the end of the delivery process, nor to withdraw an order: the mere initiation of business relationships must be avoided in advance. Therefore, the companies are obliged by law to check their customer, supplier, prospective customer and employee lists against the current black lists and to report the results.

Which black lists are used?



With SMARTCM.Compliance, your complete CRM database is automatically checked against black lists all required by law (Europe, Switzerland, USA):

  • Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets (BOE)
  • Consolidated Screening List (CSL)
  • Canada Criminal Code and UNSC
  • Denied Persons List (DPL)
  • Entity List (ENT)
  • Financial Sanctions Consolidated List
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders
  • Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN)
  • SECO Liste
  • Sectorial Sanctions Identification
  • United Nations 1267/1988/1989 ff
  • Unverified List

The black lists are downloaded on your server, there the validation of the address list takes place. Your data are not transferred to us or to any third party.