Create a sense of achievement

Targets defined – and now? How close are you to your target agreements? How close is your team? And the whole company? Are there any indications that you cannot achieve your goals? How can you react?

With SMARTCRM you keep the target in mind.


In SMARTCRM.Targets you define targets based on individual employees, teams, or the entire company, such as new customer visits, sales or the number of required calls. Keep yourself informed about the current situation at any time. Colored markers show you at a glance how close you are to the goal.

If the planned targets are not met, SMARTCRM will inform you at an early stage. This way you can react in time. Keep your customers in mind: SMARTCRM.Targets shows you which customers are above or below expectations and when the customer’s purchasing behavior has changed.


Thus, the data and figures from your ERP system end up in SMARTCRM.

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Together smart in figures

Our customers tend to use SMARTCRM.Targets together with the following modules:



SMARTCRM.Sales analyses all figures from the ERP system in details and shows you from any perspective where the potential for the cross- and up-selling is.




With SMARTCRM.Planning, you round off your sales management and complete the planned sales activities.


SMARTCRM.Targets used by customers

CRM is part of our corporate philosophy and with SMARTCRM we found the tool that supports us hereby considerably. Since the installation, we have always adjusted the software to our processes. Meanwhile, we cannot imagine working without SMARTCRM.

Bruno Senn, Member of the board of CARL GEISSER AG