Bundling CRM and ERP advantages

Our interface between SMARTCRM and PSIpenta connects many information categories needed on both sides: information about customers and products, current sales figures or quotations. The data transfer from PSIpenta to SMARTCRM is run on a regular basis via ODBC access.

The data flow functions also in the other direction: so information from SMARTCRM can be rewritten in PSIpenta.



Our CRM system imports different data from your ERP solution PSIpenta using the interface and makes them available to you, such as:

  • Addresses
  • Contacts
  • Product master data
  • Sales revenue
  • Incoming orders / Orders on hand
  • Purchasing price, production costs
  • Additional individual tables
  • Quotations including items

SMARTCRM.ERP.PSIpenta used by customers

Thanks to SMARTCRM, we could simplify and accelerate our customer-related processes, so that today we work with a greater customer focus. When processes need to be optimized or adjusted, our CRM partner, SMARTCRM, carries them out easily and without delay.

RĂ¼diger Englert, CRM Project Manager at Eaton Technologies GmbH