Take advantage of our interface expertise

The configurable interface between SMARTCRM and MAJESTY connects many information needed on both sides. Corrections in the data records have now to be made in only one system.

SMARTCRM.ERP.MAJESTY: for an automatic data synchronization between the systems.


The interface that adapts

Needless to say, the principle of “custom-made suit yet ready-to-wear” applies to SMARTCRM.ERP. The standard interface to Majesty offers many possibilities for data exchange between CRM and ERP systems and can be adapted and expanded according to your needs.

This way, you can exactly select the data you want to see in SMARTCRM from the following options:

  • Customers, suppliers, prospective customers
  • Relationships and hierarchies
  • Employees
  • Contacts
  • Visit reports
  • Product, multilingual product text modules, pictures, prices, price lists, product groups, merchandise groups
  • Quotation items, quotation pdf, automated tasks to follow up with quotation threshold
  • Incoming order items
  • Order back log items
  • Invoice items, contribution margin per item
  • Open items
  • Planning
  • Projects
  • Machines
  • Features
  • Complaints
  • Value tables
  • Discount prices
  • Targets
  • Orders, order confirmation, outstanding invoices

Upon request, the following data may also be provided to Majesty:

  • Customers, suppliers, prospective customers
  • Contacts
  • Quotation items
  • Order items
  • Visit reports
  • Machines
  • DMS documents

SMARTCRM.ERP.MAJESTY used by customers

Thanks to SMARTCRM, the communication between field service and back office finally runs efficiently, no more important information will be lost. The call-off orders are easier and better monitored and offers tracked promptly. The evaluations such as the year-to-date sales revenue comparison are really helpful to refrain comparing apples and oranges.

Klaus Holzer, Sales manager and member of the Board of PAJUNK Medical Produkte GmbH