Central access to up-to-date analyses

Valuable basis for your sales work

Your figures – a valuable foundation for sales work. However they are of use only when prepared and evaluated. Because only then current conditions can be determined, meaningful decisions can be made, long-term plan targets can be deduced and campaigns can be used in a targeted manner. The more comprehensively a CRM system analyses data and sales figures, the more comprehensively is the customer knowledge of the sales department. This is where SMARTCRM sets it: through creating the foundation for a detailed planning and enabling an optimal opportunity assessment.


An interface to your ERP system guarantees a simple transfer of the figures and enables with the corresponding rights to create detailed analyses as tables or diagrams. These evaluations are spread from the overview up to in the last detail, e.g. from the merchandise group to the product level, from the company to the customer level, from the purchasing association to the individual member. A few clicks are enough: the time and effort for the manual creation and the sending of tables to the colleagues in charge are then omitted. If you see for instance your 50 best customers and your turnover per customer at a glance in the CRM system, then you know how to weight the care of individual customers. If you visualize your turnover in a territory overview, you can act accordingly in each region.


Cross and up-selling

These are the magical words for successful sales work. The customers should use the largest possible selection of their own product range or products as high-quality as possible. However, those who poke in the fog and offer the customer randomly products, may turn lucky once. As a sales representative you have to know your customers as extensively as possible: which accessories can pick their interest? Which devices do they already use? Which product did they buy from the competition? Where is the potential not yet exhausted? What requirements do my customers have? And what are their needs?

SMARTCRM answers these questions and displays not only the complete history of the purchased products of your customer but also compares them to the most commonly purchased industry-related products in their respective sales territories. This way, you see at a glance which product from the top list has not been purchased by your customer and you have the opportunity to specifically introduce the product. In addition to the top sellers, you can also offer the customer for example suitable accessory products or a successor model.

Knowing the competition


The second important question: which competition products uses your customer? If you know that, then you can estimate the untapped potential and introduce the equivalents from your own range. SMARTCRM gives you the opportunity to compare prices, to weight advantages and disadvantages and to store arguments for a change in favor of your own product.

Your figures are an essential indicator for how to design your sales work. It includes identifying addresses with and without potential, recognizing the purchasing behavior and getting the success of the sales team straight. Only those who have this knowledge can make the right decisions. SMARTCRM is the foundation for these decision.

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SMARTCRM delivers all current information and analyses that you need as a founded basis for your management.



SMARTCRM in sales means to recognize potentials and seize opportunities. It forms the basis for identifying market trends at an early stage, generating prospective customers and gaining competitive advantage.


SMARTCRM is your figures CRM

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SMARTCRM.Sales analyses all figures from the ERP system in details and shows you from any perspective where the potential for the cross- and up-selling is.


CRM and ERP: strong partners

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CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.


CRM and Controlling

Your figures are a valuable basis for sales and other departments. However, they will be really useful when prepared and analyzed. A CRM system that offers detailed analysis possibilities can provide sustainable support.


Make the most of your potential

Successful cross-selling and up-selling with SMARTCRM

Cross-selling and up-selling: keywords for successful sales work. Selling as many or high quality products as possible works only if one possesses an understanding of one’s customers. Learn how to uncover and to take advantage of hidden cross-selling and up-selling potentials.


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