Tips on CRM implementation

Questions you should ask yourself before introducing a CRM system

Why do you want to bring CRM in your company?


  • Defining the goals
    Be aware of what you want to achieve with a CRM system.
    Compile clear goals and communicate these within your company.

How is the status quo in your company?

  • Process analysis
    Take a closer look at your business processes: where is the information stored? Who needs which data? Which communication channels and by whom are they passed on?
    This way, you become aware of the current situation of your company and can estimate the possible scope of the project.
  • Evaluating customer structure
    Evaluate your customer structure and raise for instance the following questions:
    Which information do you hold on your customers? Do you have it divided under certain criteria? How do you evaluate the information? Which impact has the analyses’ results on your customer-related processes?
  • Structuring the workflow
    Structure the work processes:
    For the successful introduction and use of a CRM system, clearly defined work processes are indispensable in your company. Without them, measuring a progress, for instance on the way to an order, is impossible.

Whom do you get on board internally and who takes on the responsibilities within the project?

  • Involving the employees
    Ask yourself which processes would a CRM system most evidently optimize and where it would be more useful.
    A visible success increase the motivation of your employees. Involve your employees in the CRM project since their acceptance is a basic requirement for a CRM introduction.
  • Determining the project managers
    Check for which departments the topic CRM is relevant and determine the project managers.

What do you expect from the CRM system?

  • Defining the CRM functions
    Before the implementation, think about the function the CRM system should comply with. Restrain from buying functions, modules, etc. that you do not need right at the beginning.
  • Compiling customer specifications
    Compile customer specifications in which the technical and content-related requirements of a CRM system and the target situation of your business processes are set.

Where do you get the best possible solution for your company?


  • Gathering information
    Read up on different CRM systems. This way, you can identify which CRM system fits your requirements and your company (industry, size, etc.). Compare the services of the different CRM providers, thus you will find the right partner.

Checklist for a successful CRM implementation

You would like to implement a CRM system in your company? In order to succeed in your CRM project in the end, you should pay attention to certain criteria. Our CRM implementation checklist gives you a summary of the important tips along the way.