Razor-sharp analyses

SMARTCRM supports manufacturer of industrial cutting tools

For more than three years, SMARTCRM has been supporting the sales management of DIENES WERKE GMBH & CO. KG. Since then, through the central bundling of all information, the CRM system could optimize many processes.



CRM supports the manufacturer of medical systems

After two years of successful use of the CRM system, the PAJUNK Medical Produkte GmbH draws a positive balance. Due to SMARTCRM, the communication between field service and back office runs more efficiently. A standard interface to MAJESTY ERP enables a continuous tracking of the quotations and call-off orders.


Sustainable support for planning and decision-making


Four years after the CRM introduction, PROJAHN Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH draws a positive balance. At the time of the decision, SMARTCRM scored among others with the standard interface to abas ERP. Meanwhile, the company has significantly accelerated numerous decision processes thanks to SMARTCRM.


Optimized Sales Processes

SMARTCRM impressed the tool manufacturer

Since 2010, Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH has relied on SMARTCRM. The company located in Schonach, Germany, is an international leading manufacturer of hand tools for professional use in industry and craft. The focus of the CRM introduction was the sales department. Extensive evaluation options at the press of a button, an improved field service connection, as well as a transparent and central database should optimize the sales processes. The latter was also achieved due to an interface to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


From the offer up to the analysis

Optimal field connection guaranteed by SMARTCRM

The CRM software, SMARTCRM, optimized processes in sales, service and marketing at Steinfels Swiss, leader in the development and manufacture of sustainable products and solutions for cleaning, hygiene, body care and cosmetics. The focus of the CRM introduction was on the optimal field connection to all important information and figures.



SMARTCRM in the sealing technology

The communication platform for Hänssler Hydraulik

Hänssler Hydraulik GmbH relies on the CRM system, SMARTCRM, to support their sales management. The acceptance is really high amongst the staff. Indeed, using the interface to abas ERP, all current information are available centrally. The figures from the ERP system are analyzed daily in extensive evaluations.



Optimal sales processes thanks to CRM

Standard parts manufacturer introduces SMARTCRM

The company Erwin Halder KG relies on SMARTCRM to support their sales processes. There is a high acceptance of the CRM system amongst the employees. Due to a standard interface to abas ERP, the CRM system ensures a significantly higher transparency of the data and this way, creates a sound-basis for process-relevant decisions.


Successful in sales and service

Focus on CRM-System

The SITEMA GmbH & Co. KG has been a SMARTCRM customer for 20 years. The acceptance of the CRM system among the employees remains unchanged SMARTCRM sustainably supports SITEMA in the sales and order processing departments. The company considers the direct contact to the manufacturer of the CRM software as really valuable.


Full-service provider for connecting technology boosts its sales using the CRM system

SMARTCRM supports sales management of Daniel Schrauben GmbH

Daniel Schrauben has implemented the CRM software, SMARTCRM, with the goal of more transparent data handling. In the meanwhile, the transparency of the database as well as the internal and external communications were significantly improved. Using SMARTCRM, the company can act more purposefully, faster and more customer-friendly. The CRM system optimizes the sales management of Daniel Schrauben with an always available panoramic view, i.e. about customers, quotations and sales goals.