In use for nearly two decades

Bluhm Systeme GmbH can look back on the past 18 years using the CRM system SMARTCRM. It all started with the Sales Information System ivs, from which the current CRM software emerged. A change of ERP has been completed with SMARTCRM, this was implemented to full satisfaction. At first, the CRM solution imported the data from Baan, today the interface to SAP provides the central provision of current ERP data. The acceptance of the CRM solution is accordingly good. Meanwhile, about 380 employees at Bluhm work with SMARTCRM in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In sales, the CRM system allows a fast and well-organized information flow and ensures high customer satisfaction. The representation of the sales projects as well as the quotation writing directly in SMARTCRM guarantee an overview of all project steps, quotations and relevant figures. The complete activity history, the current turnover or the last service appointment of the device used by the customer are also accessible offline for the field service staff. As soon as online access is available, the information entered by the field service employees is promptly available to the back office staff.

The complete user report can be read here:

Over time SMARTCRM has adapted to our requirements, since the developers of SMARTCRM take our sales processes into consideration and implement their findings in product development.

Kurt Hoppen, General Manager at Bluhm Systeme GmbH