Support in all sales processes

SMARTCRM in use at Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG

Since 2014, SMARTCRM has been supporting the employees of Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG in sales, marketing, service and purchasing.

The goals of the CRM implementation were among others:

  • a clear and customer-oriented internal and external communication,
  • the detection and the timely recognition of sales potentials.

In addition to its headquarters, Roth runs a logistics center which is connected to the SMARTCRM main version as a branch. This way, both locations have access to the current database. The subsidiary in France should be able to access in a near future the CRM system as a separate client. The CRM information that they need for their process would therefore be available to the local employees.

At Roth, our CRM solution scored among others with the preconfigured standard interfaces:

SMARTCRM supports sales employees in numerous customer-related processes such as:

  • the release and tracking of the quotations,
  • the analysis of customer sales and sales figures of purchasing associations,
  • the documentation of discounts/special prices,
  • the deposit of competitive information,
  • the definition of target agreements and their follow-up.

Roth relies on SMARTCRM support also in the purchasing department and uses the system for:

  • management and classification of the suppliers,
  • documentation of the communication,
  • evaluation of orders and invoices.

SMARTCRM customer

Please read the full user report with the Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG: