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Sustainable Sales Support with CRM

Bremicker Verkehrstechnik GmbH & Co. KG can now look back on more than one and a half year of usage of the CRM system SMARTCRM. About 50 employees from Bremicker sales and marketing departments work with the CRM system. After choosing SMARTCRM, both the installation and the key user training were completed within a short time. Since Bremicker had already the ERP system abas Business Suite in use, the company was eager to work with a reliable and experienced abas partner for the CRM project. As a long term cooperation partner of the abas Software AG, SMARTCRM GmbH convinced with interface expertise and a standard interface which could be customized to the company´s requirements. So Bremicker is completely satisfied by the interaction between ERP and CRM systems.

The most important goal of introducing SMARTCRM was to optimize the sales processes. The previously used by Bremiker CRM system was unable to fulfill the requirements. Multiple Excel spreadsheets were still needed and customer information was stored within the different departments. This has made it difficult to establish a functioning customer relationship management as well as a professional maintenance of the master data along and caused unnecessary expenses. SMARTCRM changed all this and sustainably improved the processes as Roman Merk, sales manager at Bremicker confirmed: “Before every operating department kept its own treasure. Today, through SMARTCRM, I am always informed and never have the feeling that any information is missing. Thanks to the CRM System our Sales Processes are more transparent. SMARTCRM is the right tool for sales.”

The quotation system is a good example. The quotations are documented in the corresponding customer file using the ERP interface. A complete quotation tracking is thus guaranteed and all employees involved in the process, field service, back office and the calculation departments are always informed about the current stand of the project. The follow-up tasks are sent through SMARTCRM as well. A quotation can be directly called from the CRM system in abas ERP with just one click. If a customer has a question regarding a quotation he has received, the employee in charge can immediately give him a competent answer.

SMARTCRM takes over the current figures from abas ERP and immediately offers several major advantages for Bremicker: if the sales representative needed a detailed evaluation prior to the implementation of SMARTCRM, the IT department had to be involved for a database query. With SMARTCRM, the sales staff can independently generate the required current evaluations. Time and effort as well as the necessary personnel resources were this way significantly reduced. Another advantage was the various analysis levels – e.g., up to the product level or invoice item level. In addition, since important conclusions can be drawn from the annual comparisons, for instance the need of a double-shift operation, Bremicker can react early on.

Moreover, in the near future, Bremicker will rely even more on SMARTCRM: thus other marketing processes, such as mailings, should be optimized, and sent directly from the CRM system for instance. Additionally, the service department is going to be connected to SMARTCRM to build an optimal customer complaint management. For the company, it should be possible, indeed, to send a give-away to customers that are not completely satisfied with the product catalog. Bremicker wants to manage and automate complaints but also positive reactions in the CRM system. Missing information and hard copies should be therefore a thing of the past.


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Before, every operating department kept its own treasure. Today, through SMARTCRM, I am always informed and never have the feeling that any information is missing. Thanks to the CRM System our sales processes are more transparent. For sales is SMARTCRM the right tool.

Roman Merk, Sales manager of the Bremicker Verkehrstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

SMARTCRM and abas

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