Transparency and efficiency

SMARTCRM supports the plant engineering company in project business


After three years of sales support by SMARTCRM, the STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH draws a positive conclusion. At first, a certain skepticism prevailed amongst the employees of STOPA regarding the implementation of a CRM system in the company, after a short time of use, the advantages of SMARTCRM were convincing. The goal of the CRM implementation was the central management of all customer information in a system and the possible access to the needed data at any time. In addition, the CRM system should bring a greater transparency in project business. Another important criterion was to provide many and varied analysis options in the CRM software, for instance, for creating forecast evaluations. SMARTCRM’s great interface competence was, among others, a key argument in the decision. As a long-time partner of the abas Software AG, the CRM manufacturer could provide a standard interface between SMARTCRM and abas ERP.

In order to guarantee efficient sales management, SMARTCRM optimized, among others, the project business of the plant engineering company. Thanks to the documentation of all activities belonging to the project, the sales staff keeps track of the current state of the project at all times and is informed about the full communication with the customer or the prospective customer. A major advantage for the employees in case of substitution, as pointed out by Ralf Gerber, sales and marketing manager at STOPA: if an employee had no direct access to the locally stored e-mail communication between colleague and customer, now he always has the customer and project file in SMARTCRM along with the complete activity history with e-mails, documents and further information. Since all created quotations are archived in the CRM system, a complete quotation tracking is guaranteed and the project progression stays transparent at all times.

The time-consuming preparation of analyses belongs to the past. SMARTCRM imports the current figures from the ERP system and evaluates them in detail on different levels. Standard analyses such as the revenue per customer or per sales territory as well as annual comparisons allow STOPA a sound planning and management of the sales processes. In addition, evaluations were customized to STOPA’s requirements such as an analysis of pure sales figures and an overview taking into account the advance payments of open invoices.

In the near future, the company plans to use SMARTCRM also for marketing campaigns. Using extensive filter possibilities as well as free definable features, the marketing staff can perform target group specific selection of recipients. The generation and dispatch of personalized mailings are possible directly in the CRM system.

Here you can read the complete user report:

The transparency within our project management has increased significantly thanks to SMARTCRM. This is a major advantage for sales colleagues when holiday replacements have to deal with the project.

Ralf Gerber, Head of Sales/Marketing at STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH

SMARTCRM and abas

Everything concerning the interface between both systems can be found out here.