Panoramic view for back office and field service with SMARTCRM

MAGE, manufacturer of roofing accessories, trusts the CRM system

Since 2015, SMARTCRM has supported the sales processes in the field service and back office at MAGE Roof & Building Components GmbH and has become the most important sales tools for the company ever since.

MAGE decided to implement a CRM solution in order to:

  • guarantee a smooth communication within the teams and between departments,
  • centrally document and analyze all relevant information,
  • ensure uniform and traceable sales processes.

Due to poor network coverage in some parts of Germany, MAGE has consciously decided against a cloud solution. Instead, the field service employees can access SMARTCRM on their notebooks offline

ERP connection to proALPHA

MAGE uses the ERP solution proALPHA. Using the interface, specifically designed for the company’s requirements , SMARTCRM imports from proALPHA:

  • quotations
  • turnover
  • contribution margin
  • order backlog
  • open items
  • special prices
  • forecast

Before the CRM implementation, the analyses of the figures were sent per e-mail in form of Excel spreadsheets to the field service staff. Today, all up-to-date analyses are available in SMARTCRM at the press of a button, e.g.:

  • turnover in the sales territories
  • target/actual year-on-year comparisons
  • trend change
  • analyses of the product groups and products to detect cross-selling potential
  • sales analyses of certain customer sales figures based on filter criteria

Complete quotation tracking

The quotations transferred from proALPHA are archived in the respective project file including all contacts and the full communication. Individual overviews display on the SMART Board for instance all follow-up offers.

Planning, managing and documenting tours

SMARTCRM supports the field employees in planning, documenting and managing sales tours:

  • assignment of the address to given tours in the CRM system
  • easy planning of new tours
  • visualization of the addresses to be visited on a Bing Map
  • route planning
  • if needed, automatic creation of appointments and activities for later visit documentation
  • SMART Board overviews about already driven routes and upcoming tours

The competition at a glance

MAGE keeps an eye on the competition using different CRM functions:

  • comparison of competitive products used by customers and own products
  • marking of the products already presented and the corresponding customer interest via a traffic light graphic
  • overview of these products with color markings per status or competitive product

The correct target groups for marketing actions

In marketing, SMARTCRM helps in selecting the right target group, for instance for sending product documentation and samples. Temporary customer surveys are documented and evaluated in the CRM system as well.