CRM company-wide

SMARTCRM in use by Fritsch GmbH

Since the summer of 2016, the Fritsch GmbH has been relying on SMARTCRM in the sales, service, marketing and purchasing departments. Due to the high complexity of its sales business, the manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments needed a software solution to meet the high requirements for information and coordination.

The company was convinced by SMARTCRM’s coherent concept as well as its bidirectional standard interface to the ERP system proALPHA. Using the interface, SMARTCRM takes over from the ERP software the customer and prospective customer, product, quotation header, tickets, machine and figures material for a wide range of analyses. Vice versa, the prospective customer addresses and contacts, added in the CRM system, can be transferred to proALPHA. An interface between proALPHA DMS and the CRM system has also been set.

Likewise the field service connection has also been optimized, as now the employees can access important CRM data using their notebooks on the go – thanks to the offline capability even in areas with limited internet access. This means that they have access at all times among others to the electronic project file, in which all important information from the complete communication to the volumes of the quotation variants at any time. The quotation data are automatically taken over from the ERP system through the interface. This allows the tracking and the monitoring of the volumes directly in the CRM system.

Furthermore, SMARTCRM is in use in the service department. Fritsch imports the Callmanagement from proAlpha to SMARTCRM, where the tickets are stored in the corresponding customer file. Through the linking of all the corresponding activities such as phone calls or e-mails, the treatment of a ticket is traceable and evaluable in the CRM. Recurring service inquiries and solution propositions can be documented in the FAQ, the knowledge database in SMARTCRM, and called up by the service employees at all times. The management of the device information is also of great advantage.

Fritsch is really satisfied with the CRM implementation, the mentoring of the CRM manufacturer and with SMARTCRM daily support. This also applies to the user-friendliness of the CRM system. Thus, its use has been largely well accepted among the employees as they could recognize the added value for their work processes. The attendance of the master data maintenance and their quality have been clearly improved.