High acceptance for CRM at Krug + Priester

SMARTCRM supports the complete information and report flow

Since 2019, the employees of Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG have been working with SMARTCRM in field and back sales and marketing. The goal of the CRM implementation was the replacement of isolated solutions in favor of a central database and cross-department access. Among others, the requirements for the CRM system included :

  • a user-friendly interface,
  • a fair price-performance ratio
  • and a proven interface to ERP solution Infor LN.

During the decision-making process, we scored with:

SMARTCRM imports over an interface from Infor LN

  • addresses,
  • turnover and order backlog positions,
  • open items
  • as well as products.

For the figures, SMARTCRM offers extensive BI functionalities, thanks to which today, for example, overviews of incoming orders, open items and overdue invoices are presented in a simpler and more compact way.

The field force is supported by SMARTCRM

  • with the offline access on all customer-related data and evaluations also when working from home,
  • with route planning using area search and visualization in Bing Maps,
  • with a complete activity history and the documentation of visit reports directly in the CRM system,
  • with the scheduling and task planning features
  • as well as the cross-departmental communication with office staff.

Today, the field staff only works with the CRM system without exception.

The marketing employees benefit from the standard interface to the e-mail marketing software Inxmail Professional. The combination between SMARTCRM and Inxmail ensures:

  • the selection of the appropriate target group,
  • the dispatch of personalized newsletters and mailings based on current, central data taking into account all GDPR requirements
  • as well as the automatic transfer and consideration of newsletter subscription and cancellation of subscription information in SMARTCRM.

The employee acceptance of SMARTCRM is consistently good, and Krug + Priester is also very satisfied with the assistance provided by our support and project management teams.

The complete user report can be found here:

In the field service, the entire information and reporting flow, which was previously heavily based on Microsoft Excel, was redesigned and replaced by SMARTCRM. Without exception, all employees now work with SMARTCRM only, moreover the acceptance of the CRM system there is very high.

Dr. Andreas Lingscheid, Commercial manager / CFO at Krug & Priester GmbH & Co. KG