The cosmetics manufacturer uses CRM for efficient sales management

With ADA Cosmetics International GmbH, another abas user chose SMARTCRM. The important requirement to the CRM software was an optimal communication between back office and field service as well as extensive evaluation possibilities of the figures, the projects and the sales targets. As a long-time cooperation partner of the abas AG, SMARTCRM scores with a bidirectional standard interface to abas ERP. The client capability, an additional criterion, could be fulfilled by SMARTCRM. ADA Cosmetics works in abas ERP with 11 clients – partly in foreign languages – that were taken over in the CRM system. Petra Boustany, CRM project manager at ADA Cosmetics International GmbH, is also very satisfied with the cooperation: ”SMARTCRM offers excellent customer support. Our requests are handled quickly and competently by their project managers and the hotline.”

SMARTCRM supports back office and field service employees in sales management. Thus the CRM software enables an optimal quotation tracking for example. The quotations are imported from abas ERP and automatically linked to the corresponding project and address. Open quotations or forecast evaluations can be accessed with a few clicks. The sales employees write visit reports directly in SMARTCRM. There, they can enter, for instance, the result of a visit, the potential as well as the used competition products. A great advantage for the employees is the central access to these reports – as well as other information stored in SMARTCRM.

In addition, the sales employees are always informed of their target achievement as well as of their customers ‘revenues in SMARTCRM. As Petra Boustany explains the situation before the CRM introduction: “We had a company-specific solution to generate reports. However, the field staff had to request this information to the back office or controlling. SMARTCRM provides them with numerous analyses on their notebooks even on the go.” SMARTCRM imports the figures from abas ERP and processes them in different currencies. The company also reflects the corporate structure of its customers in the CRM system. This is why SMARTCRM displays not only the sales figures of individual customers but also the cumulated values of a chain or a corporate group.

In the future, the marketing will also work with SMARTCRM. The goal is to optimize the internal communication. Thus, the marketing tasks sent through the CRM system would be linked to the corresponding addresses and contacts. Documents such as briefings or animations could also be stored in the digital customer file. Additionally, ADA Cosmetics would like to use SMARTCRM for the generation of market analyses and mailings. The CRM system will then support the employees with the targeted selection of recipients and with the generation and dispatch of mailing or serial e-mails.

SMARTCRM and abas

Learn more about the interface between both systems here.

CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.


Central access to up-to-date analyses

Valuable basis for your sales work

Your figures are an essential indicator for how to design your sales work. Only those who know the potential of their customers and prospective customers, who keep track of the purchasing behavior and who get the success of his sales team straight can make the right decisions.


Professional quotation preparation and tracking in SMARTCRM

Writing quotations belongs to the daily work of sales staff. Hereby, the two most important points are: first the creation of professional quotation and second its tracking. SMARTCRM supports you in every sales phases, reduces time and effort when creating and tracking your quotations and provides all important information at any time.