SMARTCRM at the Kinshofer Group

Company-wide CRM deployment with Infor LN integration

Since 2008, the Kinshofer Group has been using our CRM solution in sales field and office, in purchasing, and in the management. The goal of the SMARTCRM implementation: the consolidation of various international subsidiaries or locations with different ERP systems, languages and currencies in a central information pool. A major advantage here is the multi-client capability of our CRM system, thanks to which six international locations are currently mapped as separate clients in the CRM system. More are to follow.

Sustainable support is also provided by the connection of the ERP systems in the subsidiaries/locations, some of which are independent and differently configured. Even the switch from Baan to Infor LN was unproblematic thanks to our interface know-how.

SMARTCRM imports from ERP systems:

  • Customers, 
  • Product (product groups),
  • Quotations,
  • Special prices,
  • as well as the numerical material (sales, order backlog, contribution margin items and open items).

The figures are analyzed using comprehensive BI functionalities, taking into account the different currencies. A key requirement is that sales and order backlog items are posted to bills of material. Plan/actual and year-to-year comparisons complete the comprehensive view, for example, of:

  • The purchasing behavior of customers,
  • the best-selling products per sales region,
  • trends,
  • sales of all individual attachments per crane or excavator,
  • the expected contribution margin,
  • and on manufacturing costs.

Together with the target agreements, which are maintained at quarterly or annual level in the CRM system, this information enables Kinshofer to efficiently plan and control the next sales steps and, if necessary, to initiate measures at an early stage.

Sales projects are also managed in SMARTCRM. For optimal quotation and project tracking,

  • the offers imported from the ERP system as PDF files including the positions,
  • all participants,
  • and the complete activity history

are documented in the electronic project file.

SMARTCRM supports the field staff with daily and weekly schedules, due dates and reminders for visit planning. Soon, the purchasing department will also use SMARTCRM. The advantages:

  • Transfer of suppliers, purchase orders, order backlog and (open) invoices from Infor LN,
  • Detailed classification of suppliers,
  • Complete activity history around inquiries and orders,
  • Cross-client view of all purchases,
  • Wide range of SRM analyses,
  • and the development of more targeted purchasing strategies.

Read the full user report here:

The ERP integration works great. Regardless of the ERP system, all clients and their data can be integrated into SMARTCRM.

Martin Wieland, CRM project manager and IT employee at Kinshofer GmbH