Get started with the new version before the year is out

In December, SMARTCRM 19.1 is being launched on the market

In December, the SMARTCRM new version 19.1 is coming on the market. With the technical update, version 19.1 introduces many innovations for the system administrators. For instance, when adding a new user in the CRM system, the data exchange conditions, the viewing conditions, etc., are easily selectable using buttons. In addition, the execution of the setup has been reworked and the areas of data exchange and database management have undergone some changes.

The new harmonic and clear CRM interface will strike users as we have redesigned the GUI. Naturally, the new standard colors can be flexibly adapted, if necessary, to match the CI colors of your company for example. As the focus was on a higher degree of usability, the highlighting of the most important button on a mask is also part of the new GUI.

In addition, SMARTCRM 19.1 scores with new functionalities: users can personalize their own start screen, the SMART Board, using the variable number of columns and adjust it to their proper needs.

Field service employees planning their tours in the CRM system can look forward to a new function: further addresses can be added to a tour with a mouse click. Should you use SMARTCRM.GeoMap in addition to SMARTCRM.TourPlanning, the route planned in Bing Maps including the corresponding appointments and planned activities can be transferred as tour to SMARTCRM. If the tour is a regular one, then in addition, the appropriate feature can automatically be assigned.

For the marketing employees, the module SMARTCRM.Inxmail offers new documentation options using the interface to Inxmail Professional, which ensures privacy-compliant mailing within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

All customers using SMARTCRM.App may be keen about the many new functionalities as well. The App 19.1 supports fair exhibitors with a convenient lead acquisition tool: the business card data of prospective customers are in the CRM system in no time thanks to the smartphone camera and are immediately classifiable for marketing actions using the features.

Users having our module SMARTCRM.Targets can now consult their target agreements as well as the degree of achievement of each target directly in the app.

SMARTCRM customer and interested in the new version 19.1?

Please talk to us! Your SMARTCRM project manager will have additional information and will gladly discuss how to upgrade your version to 19.1.