Successful SMARTCRM deployment in the medical technology field

CRM support in sales, purchasing and marketing at Rudolf Storz GmbH

Rudolf Storz GmbH has been working with SMARTCRM in sales and purchasing since 2020. The company had already used a CRM system before, but it did not offer an optimal connection to their ERP solution Majesty. Therefore, the decision was made to replace the CRM software.

The requirements and goals:

  • an innovative, user-friendly CRM system
  • interface to the ERP system Majesty
  • extensive BI analyses
  • SRM functionalities for purchasing
  • selection of recipients and sending of serial e-mails
  • mapping of Rudolf Storz GmbH as well as the affiliated company medical bees GmbH as separate clients

As a long-standing cooperation partner of majesty GmbH, we impressed with our standard interface to the ERP system and our associated expertise in the selection process. In addition, our CRM solution scored with its great user-friendliness and intuitive operation.

Over the interface to Majesty, SMARTCRM automatically imports among others:

  • customers,
  • quotation including positions,
  • products and product groups
  • as well as figures such as turnover, order backlog and open items.

Before the introduction of CRM, evaluations were only possible in the ERP system or were created manually by the employees in Microsoft Excel. Today, they are available in SMARTCRM at the press of a button, for instance:

  • order and delivery overviews,
  • up-to-date customer turnover,
  • comparisons with previous years.

Among others, the following information is directly accessible within the customer file:

  • customer-related analyses,
  • all communication with the customer, including e-mails imported from Outlook via Microsoft Exchange
  • the quotations imported from Majesty including the respective positions

The purchasing department also works with SMARTCRM. The corresponding figures – stock on order items and (open) invoices – are taken over from Majesty via the interface and made available in a variety of analyses, analogous to sales figures. Suppliers are also imported from the ERP system and can be classified in detail in SMARTCRM. Supplemented by the entire communication history, the supplier file in SMARTCRM thus always offers the current overall overview of all supplier relationships.

Rudolf Storz GmbH is very satisfied with the support offered by SMARTCRM GmbH and praises the fast assistance provided by the hotline team. The SMARTCRM project management also impresses with competent support.

The full user report can be found here:

With SMARTCRM, we were able to make our sales processes clearer and more transparent. For instance, lists in the CRM system make our work easier in purchasing. And if we ever have an inquiry about SMARTCRM, the hotline team there helps us quickly and easily.

Birgit Humm, Sales Manager at Rudolf Storz GmbH