CRM support with SAP connection in sales and service

Since 2020, SMARTCRM has proven its worth at the Austrian mechanical engineering company Geislinger GmbH

Since 2020, SMARTCRM has been supporting Geislinger GmbH in field and office sales as well as in service. “From the very beginning, we had the impression that SMARTCRM fits perfectly to our company and requirements.” explains Uwe Merl, Sales Manager at Geislinger.

Goals of the CRM implementation included

  • the improvement of data transparency,
  • the establishment of a 360° view on its customers
  • as well as the optimization of the contact data maintenance.

In the CRM decision-making process, we scored with

  • the multi-client capability, thanks to which the headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, and the branch office in the USA each access SMARTCRM as their own client,
  • and our SAP interface expertise.

Over the interface, SMARTCRM imports from SAP Hana

  • customers
  • contacts
  • products and product groups
  • sales items,
  • order backlog items,
  • incoming orders per client on monthly level
  • and open items.

SMARTCRM provides up-to-date figures in numerous evaluations at any time. Before the CRM introduction, information on incoming orders or other data was laboriously maintained in Microsoft Excel tables and had to be manually updated. Today, this information is automatically taken over in SMARTCRM via the interface and prepared in an overview.  

The project overview in the CRM system offers a major advantage for the sales team. Indeed, all projects respectively opportunities are managed in SMARTCRM from the inquiry to the order. Thus, the file includes

  • involved addresses and contacts as well as their roles within the project,
  • documents such as for instance calculations,
  • quotations written and sent from SMARTCRM
  • the complete activity history including the e-mails imported via Microsoft Exchange
  • as well as forecast evaluations.

All customer information is also available to field employees through the SMARTCRM.App on their smartphones or offline on their laptops when on the go.

The service department of the Austrian mechanical engineering company takes also advantage of SMARTCRM, since all tickets and service quotations are managed in their own file.

The maintenance of activities and opportunities has become significantly easier, more efficient and more transparent. The employees’ satisfaction with SMARTCRM is accordingly high – also with the assistance provided by our project management as well as our support team.

The full user report can be found here:

Thanks to SMARTCRM, the processing of projects (opportunities) is now much more efficient – and paperless. In service, too, we have a better overview of incoming inquiries since the CRM implementation and can track ongoing tickets as well as service offers more easily.

Uwe Merl, Sales manager at Geislinger GmbH