Transparent sales processes

Manufacturer of automated storage systems relies on SMARTCRM

SMARTCRM now supports the sales and marketing employees of the STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH. Having the goal to create a clear information flow, the manufacturer of automated storage systems has chosen SMARTCRM. Beside the easy and intuitive surface, allowing a rapid overview, SMARTCRM scores a long-time partner of the ABAS AG.

Moreover, the sales staff now relies on SMARTCRM for project business. Using the CRM software, the company would like to optimize the customers‘ approach and support. Andreas Menneken, marketing manager at STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH, is convinced by this: “If an employee was absent, for vacation for instance, he had so far to come to an agreement with his substitute. This was time-consuming or not possible at all in case of sick leave. With SMARTCRM, the employees are kept informed at a glance and have access to all relevant data. For example, they have available the complete communication with the customers and immediately see who is in contact with him and what has been discussed. The clear and full activity history is the best thing that could have happen to us.“ The CRM system helps STOPA saving time, since all e-mails and documents are not only centrally stored but also linked to the address and contacts. The extensive search functionality in the CRM system facilitates the employee the search for certain activities or data stored in SMARTCRM.

Another advantage for the sales department is the multitude of evaluation possibilities in SMARTCRM which could be realized by STOPA so far only with a great deal of effort. The CRM system evaluates the figures imported over an interface on different levels, for instance per customer or sales territory, and provides employees with day-to-day analyses in a few clicks. This is how sound sales management, targeted planning and, if necessary, timely counteraction are possible.

The marketing employees benefits furthermore from the use of the CRM software. Freely definable features in SMARTCRM enable a detailed classification of the customers. Thus, exact target group definition and selection are guaranteed. A systematic target group approach and the dispatch of serial e-mails or mailing directly from SMARTCRM optimize the marketing actions of the STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH, such as the sending of the newsletter.

“The smooth interaction between the CRM system and the abas Business Software was very important to us. SMARTCRM GmbH provided a standard interface to the ERP system, which enabled us to centralize data storage within a very short time.”

Andreas Menneken, Marketing Manager of STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH

SMARTCRM and abas

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CRM and ERP: two strong partners

Combining advantages, increasing efficiency

Can an ERP system also cover all CRM functions? The answer is: no! Both solutions support specific corporate divisions but their joint use enables the optimization of many business processes. Get to know these advantages that a combination of ERP and CRM opens up to.


CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.


Central access to up-to-date analyses

Valuable basis for your sales work

Your figures are an essential indicator for how to design your sales work. Only those who know the potential of their customers and prospective customers, who keep track of the purchasing behavior and who get the success of his sales team straight can make the right decisions.