CRM for Schoeler

System supplier for the heat exchanger industry relies now on SMARTCRM

From now on, SMARTCRM supports the employees of the Schoeler GmbH in sales, marketing and service. The CRM software optimizes the local processes through the systematical combination as well as the customized supply of all customer-related information in a central system. As Ken Koops, Marketing manager at Schoeler GmbH, explains: “Up to now, we needed more energy to master the different programs and tools as to complete the real tasks.” In addition to its range of functions, the cost effectiveness of SMARTCRM was key in the decision.

The sales representatives create quotations for machines directly in the CRM software. Thereby, the text modules of the machine products stored in SMARTCRM can be selected by clicking on them and be automatically inserted in a Microsoft Word template. The prepared quotation is archived in the corresponding project and sent out of the CRM system. SMARTCRM imports spare parts quotations over an interface to the ERP system proALPHA and stores them in the respective CRM project file.

On the SMART Board, the start screen of the software, the sales employees have  their open spare parts and machine quotations at a glance right after the CRM start.

SMARTCRM transfers the current figures from proALPHA and provides them in diverse standard evaluations, such as turnover or forecast. Before, statistics were generated in a time-costly manner, now they are available on different levels at the press of a button. Colored icons in the project file indicates whether the project marge is positive or negative and the cash flow forecast also calculated by SMARTCRM allows the sales employees even more targeted actions.

Thanks to the offline capability of SMARTCRM, the field staff have access to the complete CRM database for individual customer care on their notebooks when on the go.  An interface to Microsoft MapPoint offers them not only an area search directly in the CRM system but also a helpful route planning tool with all address data managed in Microsoft MapPoint.

Schoeler also uses SMARTCRM to manage its own machines for example in order to display technical data or changes in location. All machine components are available as feature and can be assigned to the machine file or to a service request, a so-called call. The complete process of a call, including the service report, is documented in SMARTCRM. Links to the corresponding machine and the assignments of the defective components provide a precise overview as well as detailed evaluations.  Error sources can then be easily identified and the maintenance offer optimized. The calls to be processed are listed in an overview on the SMART Board. The completion of a call automatically triggers in SMARTCRM the dispatch of a tasks regarding the customer satisfaction to the marketing employee in charge.

In addition to the customer satisfaction, the CRM system also supports further marketing processes such as the detailed selection of target groups.


More information about the interface can be found here.