SMARTCRM at Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Company-wide CRM support for 20 years

  • Industry: Mechanical Engineering / Ultrasonic Welding
  • SMARTCRM in use for 20 years
  • More than 200 licenses
  • CRM support in field and office sales, order processing, development, service, marketing
  • Bi-directional standard interface to abas ERP and Inxmail Professional

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co. KG has relied on SMARTCRM for 20 years – and today it is used throughout the company. Now,  more than 200 employees work with the CRM solution in sales, order processing, development, service and marketing. Not only the German headquarters are connected to SMARTCRM, but also the locations in the USA, China and Japan. These are represented in SMARTCRM by four different clients.

The requirements and goals of the company were :

  • The connection of the CRM system to abas ERP,
  • comprehensive project management,
  • the mapping of the internal workflow,
  • quotation creation in multiple languages and currencies,
  • price calculation for tools to be produced,
  • an optimal integration of the field force,
  • transparency of sales target achievement,
  • scheduling and task management tools,
  • and professional, targeted mailings.

Thanks to our interface competence developed over decades and our extensive experience in the abas environment, we were able to optimally implement the interaction between abas ERP and the SMARTCRM solution. abas is connected via a bidirectional standard interface, via which SMARTCRM imports :

  • Master and transaction data such as customer, products and product groups, product images, special prices, equipment, value tables
  • as well as key figures: sales, incoming orders, order backlog positions and open items, which are evaluated in the CRM system in numerous BI analyses.

SMARTCRM exports to abas ERP:

  • Customers
  • and order items.

All sales-relevant information, such as the current achievement of target agreements, is available to the field force either offline on their notebooks or online with the app on their smartphones.

Sales projects are documented in SMARTCRM from the initial inquiry to project completion and beyond. Key benefits for Herrmann include:

  • Mapping of main and follow-up projects,
  • the complete history of project-related activities, including the e-mails imported by Microsoft Exchange,
  • detailed project evaluation,
  • quotation generation with pricing including discounts and currencies,
  • price calculation of the sonotrode to be manufactured,
  • as well as the creation and transfer of orders to abas ERP.

After an order is placed, all details regarding order processing, technology, production and tickets are documented and analyzed in the project file. In this way, SMARTCRM facilitates targeted sales and competent customer support.

The cooperation between Herrmann Ultraschall and SMARTCRM is as intensive as the use of the CRM system across all departments. Weekly meetings with key users and the SMARTCRM project manager keep the CRM project on track. It is therefore no surprise that Herrmann Ultraschall remains highly satisfied with SMARTCRM, even after 20 years of use.

Read the full user report here:

While the abas solution focuses on controlling internal business processes and resource planning, we were able to perfectly integrate and optimize customer-related processes in sales, service, research, development and marketing across all departments thanks to SMARTCRM. The global use of SMARTCRM and the central documentation of customer projects and activities provide maximum transparency and enable a targeted sales approach. SMARTCRM has become an essential part of our daily work and is an indispensable pillar of the company’s growth.

Bernd Breuninger, CRM Project Manager at Herrmann Ultraschall