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Brillen-Profi introduces SMARTCRM

With the Brillen-Profi-Contact GmbH, SMARTCRM is glad to welcome a new customer from the abas sphere. The purchasing and marketing group for traditional opticians introduced the CRM software to make communication between all members more transparent and thereby to optimize ultimately the quality of services. Jörg Hochleitner, CEO of the Brillen-Profi-Contact GmbH, outlines the decision: “The attractive user surface of the CRM software and its flexibility were key in the decision. SMARTCRM was customized to our individual business processes, although most of our requirements were already covered in the standard version. Another plus of SMARTCRM is the bidirectional interface to abas ERP.” As a longtime partner of the ABAS AG, the SMARTCRM GmbH possesses a great interface experience. To guarantee a transparent, central database, the transaction data such as address data or sales figures are synchronized over a standard interface between SMARTCRM and abas Business Software.

With more than 1700 members, transparent data management is of great relevance for the Brillen-Profi-Contact GmbH. Prior to the CRM implementation, the customer information was only partly centralized and then not fully available to all employees. This may have led to the fact that important information was missing when contacting members. The CRM system now provides the employees with all information at any time. Thus, they have access to the full activity history and can keep track of all customers’ communication. Jörg Hochleitner is pleased with the optimized processes: “Our external communication has become much more transparent thanks to SMARTCRM. The employees are completely informed and can take care of our members even better. Our next goal is to take advantage of the wide range of possibilities that the features in SMARTCRM have to offer to us. Hereby we can better segment our members and select them in a few clicks. We expect to be able to exactly advise these “homogenized” member groups of tailor-made offers in order to limit any wastage. All in all, SMARTCRM gives us a significant gain in information that is immediately available.”

Another advantage of SMARTCRM are the comprehensive evaluation possibilities. The sales figures imported from abas ERP come from two central areas: the sales of own-brand products and services of the Brillen-Profi-Contact GmbH as well as their activities as central regulators. In SMARTCRM, these figures are separately analyzed. Thus, daily sales evaluations or collection analyzes up to the document level for each member are available.

In the future, Brillen-Profi would like to additionally use the interface between SMARTCRM and Microsoft MapPoint, in order to visualize address and sales data on a map. The company carries out area searches in the CRM system to display members situated within a defined radius of an address.

SMARTCRM and abas

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