Company-wide up-to-date informed with CRM

From now on, SMARTCRM supports the EMPUR Produktions GmbH in the sales, technology and marketing departments. The primary goal of the producer and full-range retailer of floor heating systems is the company-wide combination and structuring of all customer information in a central system. So far, field service and back office, technical and marketing employees had only selectively access to certain data. This led to different information levels within the company. In addition to SMARTCRM, EMPUR uses the ERP software proALPHA. The information is centrally bundled in SMARTCRM over an interface between both systems. Redundant data maintenance is thus avoided.

Sven Eckert, CEO of EMPUR GmbH, explains the CRM decision: “We chose SMARTCRM due to the coherent overall concept. We would like to further expand our sales activities in field service and back office, also in connection with marketing actions using the CRM software. We hope this will result in an improved connection and organization of our field service as well as an optimized internal communication and cooperation of the different departments. In addition, we rely on the CRM system for the systematic interaction with existing and potential customers.”

This sales staff‘s support already starts by the visit preparation: SMARTCRM provides for all field service employees the full customer information as well as the complete activity history at a glance. Thanks to the mobile client, the field staff can access all CRM data over their notebooks wherever they are. They are kept informed at a glance about all appointments, tasks and contacts on their smartphones, since they are synchronized with SMARTCRM. Final visit reports, that were prepared in Microsoft Word or Excel until now and then dispatched as e-mail, are now easily created in the CRM system and are always readily available.

The quotation preparation is carried out over the CRM software as well. The complete documentation of all quotation versions for a sales project guarantees an optimal follow-up. On the SMART Board, the start screen of the CRM system, the sales employees directly see their open quotations at a glance. In addition, SMARTCRM should improve with numerous analyses possibilities the project controlling at EMPUR. Thus, the CRM solution analyzes the figures from proALPHA on many levels.

The defined sales targets are now as well managed in SMARTCRM. Hence, each sales employee keeps in mind his goal and his current status.

Moreover, SMARTCRM supports the marketing activities of the company. Thus, EMPUR will manage the dispatch of mailings, such as event invitations, and the sending of brochures through the CRM system. Using the freely definable features, the employees can better define and select target groups for an action to avoid wastage.


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