CRM in traffic engineering

Optimized processes in sales and marketing

With Bremicker Verkehrstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, once again, an abas user chose SMARTCRM. Shortly after the CRM decision, the installation as well as the training of the key users were completed. Today more than 40 employees work with the CRM software. An important goal of the SMARTCRM implementation was to bundle all data in one system, explains Roman Merk, Sales manager. “We already had another CRM software in use, however we were forced to conduct multiple spreadsheets as well as databases with diverse access locations in parallel. For our daily work, it is essential, all customer information are current and centrally available as key in the decision-making process. Since we were looking for an experienced abas partner, we chose SMARTCRM.” As a longtime cooperation partner of the abas Software AG, SMARTCRM GmbH scores with interface expertise and a standard interface. The company’s requirement to significantly limit the cost of data maintenance is thus fully met.

In addition, SMARTCRM should also optimize the internal and external communication. A complete activity documentation enables the employee to be informed about a customer and his activity history. This leads to on the one hand a shorter reaction time for the quotation entry as well as for customer service, and on the other hand to a significant quality improvement. Or an optimal quotation tracking, the quotations are imported from abas ERP to SMARTCRM and archived in the customer file. All employees in field service can access the complete database over their notebooks. Thus, the communication between back office and field service is optimized and therefore their associated workflows. The interface to Microsoft MapPoint offers the field service not only an area search directly in the CRM system but also a helpful route planning tool with all address data managed in Microsoft MapPoint.

Another great advantage is the extensive evaluation possibilities of the data imported from abas ERP. Prior to the introduction of SMARTCRM, the generation of analyzes was a time-consuming process. Now, the employees are able to call up current evaluations of sales figures, customer behaviors or territory revenues.

Roman Merk is convinced that SMARTCRM is improving the marketing processes as well: “Today marketing actions such as mailing or campaigns can be carried out with considerably less effort. Target group marketing is possible to a much greater extent. We expect a relief of the field service due to the higher communication rate with the customers. Overall, we are very satisfied with the CRM implementation. From the beginning SMARTCRM showed a very professional approach and all conditions were met for a lasting cooperation.”

SMARTCRM and abas

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