Working from home – farewell to centralized information?

Not with SMARTCRM and our mobile possibilities

Given the situation, home office is on everyone’s lips. Are you working from home right now? And no matters whether in the sales, hotline, controlling, marketing departments or at management level: are you painfully missing all information concerning customers and prospective customers that you have handy when at the office? Is your internal and external communication divided on different local Outlook accounts? Do you have to ask your colleagues for information again and again?

Then take advantage of SMARTCRM mobile solutions! Our CRM system supports you when working from home and guarantees your access to all important customer data, tasks and internal information.

For this purpose, we offer several options for different mobile devices. No less than 3 SMARTCRM-Modules ensure trouble-free working at the office:

Using SMARTCRM.Offline, your SMARTCRM is available to you – as you are used to from the office. Should your internet connection be quite unstable, then again this is not a problem. Because regardless whether you want to look for an information, document a telephone call or add an appointment to the schedule – all this can also happen offline. As soon as you are back online, all data are synchronized with your SMARTCRM main installation. This way, your colleagues working from home receive all new information, tasks and appointments in real time.

SMARTCRM.Web provides you with address and contact data, activity histories as well as documents stored in the CRM system via your browser at any time. The SMART Board displays what you should know right from the start and helps you planning your day. You can coordinate agreed appointments and tasks to be completed using the Organizer. Depending on which modules are used by your company, you can also access your managed projects, machines, tickets among others online and keep track of the business key figures. If you or your colleagues create any new data, they will be quickly synchronized with SMARTCRM main system. So, you are always up-to-date at home.

Wanting to stay informed with a quick glance at your tablet from time to time? Or documenting conveniently a phone call you have just made via voice control on your smartphone in SMARTCRM? Then, you can benefit from our SMARTCRM.App for iOS and Android operation systems that provides the same functionalities as SMARTCRM.Web.  You can open your CRM system with the app instead of in the browser. Data are synchronized in real time thanks to online access.

No matter which option you choose, SMARTCRM ensures that your customer-related processes can be pursued as usual from home and that you are kept informed. By the way, this applies more than ever right now and even for our SMARTCRM team. The majority of our colleagues across all departments currently work from home and take advantage of the mobile SMARTCRM solutions every day.

Mobile working with SMARTCRM

These modules ensure that you do not have to forgo your CRM information when working from home:



SMARTCRM.Offline gives you access on the go to all CRM information over notebook or tablet PC – even without Internet connection.




With SMARTCRM.Web, you always have all the important data via online access and conveniently manage your CRM information over your browser.




SMARTCRM.App for iOS and Android is your practical CRM to go. Access your important CRM data online and on the go via smartphone or tablet.



Would you like to know more about how SMARTCRM can support you when working from home? Then please contact us, we are looking forward to answering your questions.

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