Target agreements

What are they?

The term target agreement refers to a management technique in which a manager and his staff agree to the realization of the organization’s goals.

In order to act precisely and to plan in sales activities, target agreements are defined for individual employees or teams. These can include turnover, number of visits, or initial contacts and are mostly based on the company’s global targets. As a rule, a distinction is made between short, medium and long-term goals as well as between operational and strategic goals.

If the CRM system offers such a possibility, then the defined targets can be stored there and the current intermediate status of the target agreements checked. In case the sales targets are not developing as expected, the employee concerned is timely warned and has the opportunity to counteract, for instance by calling customers, visiting them or launching marketing actions.

The plus and minus lists are another possible function that shows the employees which customers ‘turnovers lie below or above the expectations. Thus, the sales employees recognize at an early stage trend change to which the purchasing behavior of the customer adapts.

Target agreements in SMARTCRM

Learn how SMARTCRM shows you the current status of your sales targets:



SMARTCRM.Targets informs you daily about the achievement of your sales targets and shows you which customers are above or below expectations.


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SMARTCRM in sales means to recognize potentials and seize opportunities. It forms the basis for identifying market trends at an early stage, generating prospective customers and gaining competitive advantage.


Field service

SMARTCRM offers the adequate solution for all requirements in sales and service in the field.


CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.


Central access to up-to-date analyses

Valuable basis for your sales work

Your figures are an essential indicator for how to design your sales work. Only those who know the potential of their customers and prospective customers, who keep track of the purchasing behavior and who get the success of his sales team straight can make the right decisions.


CRM and Controlling

Your figures are a valuable basis for sales and other departments. However, they will be really useful when prepared and analyzed. A CRM system that offers detailed analysis possibilities can provide sustainable support.