Vacation time – Substitution time

Stay on top of things with SMARTCRM even in the case of a substitution

Vacation, illness, parental leave – everyday life in a company. Regardless of why a colleague is not at work: if important tasks should not be left behind, a team member must take over as a substitute. After all, customers need to be cared for, urgent tasks need to be completed, important e-mails need to be replied to. Thanks to SMARTCRM and the complete activity history, you, as a substitute, quickly gain an overview of which customers the absent colleague has communicated with most recently and which customer inquiries still need to be processed. If SMARTCRM.Exchange.Sync is in use, incoming e-mails are also automatically imported into the respective customer file during the time of absence.

And what about open tasks and upcoming appointments? Substitution management is available in the SMARTCRM.Organizer for easy access.

This way, you always have an overview of all tasks and appointments of your team members to be substituted and can process them without delay.

In the event of substitution, you are automatically informed about new tasks for the absent colleagues with color-coded pop-ups. This allows you to see at a glance which messages are for yourself and which are for your colleagues.

No information is lost or delivered with a delay, you always stay up-to-date and can process upcoming tasks promptly. With just one click, you can also switch to the Organizer of the team member to be substituted.

Substitutions are automatically displayed in the schedule so that also other colleagues know who is substituting whom and when. This way, everyone is always informed at a glance in the SMARTCRM.Organizer about who is absent and who they can contact instead.

Many substitution planning settings, such as colors, can be customized by your system administrator.

Thanks to SMARTCRM and the substitution management in the Organizer, optimal customer support is guaranteed even in case of vacation or illness. Because all necessary information is automatically available to you as a substitute – without additional effort.

The key to success

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