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SMARTCRM 18.1 will be launched in January

Our new version, SMARTCRM 18.1, is available as of January – and includes many new functions for your sales team.

Benefit in the version 18.1, for instance, from the integrated data quality check. If information that are important for later processes is not yet known when creating an address or a contact, under certain circumstances, these data gaps can be forgotten. SMARTCRM 18.1 alerts you to such missing data. By selecting the relevant fields for the new quality check, our CRM solution indicates how high the quality of your data is and the percentage of the maintained relevant information. This way, empty fields no longer go unnoticed and you can continually improve the quality of your CRM data for successful sales and customer service.

Moreover, SMARTCRM 18.1 helps you to recognize early on how high the chances are to realize a project. Thanks to the optimized four-field matrix, the new version shows you at a glance, whether you should invest in a project or in a prospective customer.

If you would like to reach important prospective customers or customers as part of your sales tours, the tour planning and documentation’s new functions for copying and moving tours are particularly convenient. If customers should be visited within a given radius, then it is now possible to further narrow down these addresses using the required filter conditions. This way, for instance, the selection of all customers within a radius of an originating address and who bought a specific product this year is easily done. By transferring the addresses of the route planning to Bing Maps, your sales territories will be shown on request.

Marketing employees can look forward to the new filter possibilities that simplify the selection of the relevant target group in the frame of the marketing actions. This way, a more complex selection – such as with a “or” condition – can be negated with a click and vice-versa.

A lot has changed in the field of usability as well: the simplification of the font size customization and the possibility to quickly display or hide the icons depending on their relevance to you.

Users of the SMARTCRM.App or of the browser version SMARTCRM.Web should also be looking forward to SMARTCRM 18.1: in the new version, they can transfer the location of an address with a click to Google Maps (Andoid) or Maps (iOS) in order to plan a route for example. In addition, 18.1 offers the view over the sales evaluations on the merchandise group, product group or product level. If you use SMARTCRM.Tickets or SMARTCRM.Machines, then the App and the Web versions allow you now to process your complaints and manage your machines in SMARTCRM.

SMARTCRM customer and curious about the new version?

Please contact us! Your SMARTCRM project manager is looking forward to sending you more information and to discussing the upgrade of your SMARTCRM version.

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