Using CRM to optimize transnational sales management

Avedium Technologie GmbH relies on SMARTCRM

The Avedium Technologie GmbH has chosen the CRM software SMARTCRM. Beside the German e-business specialists, the parent company, Avenum Technologie GmbH in Austria also works with the CRM system of the SMARTCRM GmbH. The goal of the CRM implementation was the creation of a transparent, consistent database accessible to all employees in Austria as well as in Germany. Both companies are represented in SMARTCRM as clients in order to create this central database. Sven Hecker, CEO of Avedium Technologie GmbH said concerning the decision in favor of SMARTCRM: “The database of the Avenum GmbH was really technology-oriented. However, following the establishment of the subsidiary Avedium, we required a data storage providing us the data we need in sales. In addition, SMARTCRM scores with an intuitive user interface, which also allows users unfamiliar with CRM to work in a user-friendly and effective manner.”

SMARTCRM supports the sales management of Avedium GmbH and satisfies the sales staff among others with a complete activity history. The complete internal and external communication is documented in SMARTCRM using an interface to Lotus Notes and is available at any time. Thus all employees are kept informed. Sven Hecker clarifies how the CRM system has simplified the sales processes: “In SMARTCRM, we always know where we stand in sales and can plan accordingly. Our project management is also made more transparent using the CRM system. We store our quotations and orders centrally in SMARTCRM instead of in a local file. Thus an optimal quotation tracking is guaranteed. In the future, the quotation will also be written and sent through the CRM software.”

In the near future, SMARTCRM should also simplify the marketing processes. Thus the sending of the newsletter via the CRM system is planned. The recipients will be easily selected using the assignment of features and mailing blocks. This will ensure that only the customers and prospective customers who actually want to receive the newsletter will be addressed.