Strategic selling with SMARTCRM

The Miller Heiman Methodology

The Miller Heiman methodology is one of the most important sales strategies. This is why our CRM solution provides all functions to implement this sales methodology.

Thanks to the module SMARTCRM.Projects, you combine all important information, quotations and the complete communication related to a project in a central project file. This way, not only the progress of the project remains traceable. Indeed, SMARTCRM helps you to specifically target your sales work, to timely adapt if needed and to usefully evaluate the project based on comparable criteria.

The main concepts of the Miller Heiman methodology are roles and attitudes of the purchase influencers: who is the decision maker, who is the user? Who welcomes the project, who still needs to be convinced? Since this knowledge is at the core of a successful project, you can record all project stakeholders in SMARTCRM as well as:

  • their position in the company (CEO, sales manager …)
  • their role in the project (decision maker, guardian …)
  • and their attitude toward the purchase (growth, problem …)

Document all purchase obstacles in the CRM system as well. SMARTCRM shows you using red and green flags which problems still exist and which ones are already solved. This gives you an overview of possible obstacles and topics that should be clarified at any time.

In addition, SMARTCRM automatically calculates / generates the order probability using the stored pros and cons.


BANT Methodology

Of course, the Miller Heiman methodology is not the only relevant sales strategy. This is why SMARTCRM.Projects enables you to reproduce other methods, such as the BANT model as well. Thus, you can record in the CRM system the four central key criteria for each project:

  • Budget:  Does the customer have sufficient funds to buy? Has the budget already been released?
  • Authority: Does the contact person have the decision-making authority? Can you influence the decision-maker?
  • Need: Does the customer have an actual need for the purchase? Are the requirements already clear?
  • Timeline: Has a timeframe already been set?

Furthermore, possible purchase obstacles as well as the next steps can be documented in the project file. By keeping the information up-to-date in the project flow, you will have the exact overview on the sales process at any time and can accordingly adjust your sales work. In addition, you have the possibility to display this information on the CRM start screen, the SMART Board – for instance in an overview listing all projects with a given probability as well as the corresponding BANT criteria. This tells you immediately where to start.


Portfolio Analysis

SMARTCRM can show you whether it makes any sense to invest in a project using a 4-field matrix based on the Boston Consulting Group model. It offers a simple and clear classification of projects in 4 segments for portfolio analysis. These are based on the profitability of a project for your own company:

  • Stars: High realization potential and high project volumes characterized this project. For this project, it is worth keeping it rolling.
  • Question Marks: The project possesses a high project potential but the probability to win the project are quite low, since the competition is really strong for example. In this case, chances and risks must be carefully weighted.
  • Cash cows: Cash cows have only a low project volume but high realization probability. Active effort should be prevented, wait and see should prevail.
  • Dogs: The project has a low project volume and low chances as well, this is why it should rather cancelled.

Based on various criteria and their weighting – such as the budget release, a defined timeframe, possible competitors etc. – as well as the project volume and probability of realization, the placement of the project in the matrix is automatically determined. SMARTCRM shows you immediately how high the potential and chances of the project are.



SMARTCRM in sales means to recognize potentials and seize opportunities. It forms the basis for identifying market trends at an early stage, generating prospective customers and gaining competitive advantage.


Field service

SMARTCRM offers the adequate solution for all requirements in sales and service in the field.


Strategic selling

The Miller Heiman Methodology

There are numerous sales strategies to streamline sales workflows and drive sales processes to a successful conclusion. One of the most important is the Miller Heiman methodology. Learn more about why purchase influencers are immensely important, which attitudes they can take in the buying process, what red flags are about and how the sales funnel works.


CRM in sales

Increases, structures, optimizes

For which reasons should sales employees work with a CRM system? Pursuing this question is actually worthwhile – since a CRM system can significantly optimize sales management in supporting them. It is based on information, structured, evaluated and always up-to-date – an invaluable tool in dealing with customers and prospective customers.



Why are CRM solutions useful for SMEs?

Why does a SME company need CRM support? Quite simple! CRM in SMEs means more efficient processes in marketing, service and sales, stronger customer loyalty and more satisfied customers.