Complaint Management

Customer service and complaint management include all measures for customer complaints that serve the goal of a more stable customer relationship as well as permanent quality assurance. In addition, to increase product quality and avoid costs (e.g., warranty or repair costs), it is important to filter out and eliminate indications of operational weakness from complaints. Therefore, a rapid and competent handling of the complaint is key.

In the context of complaint management, a help desk can be used. This is an information service that receives and processes service requests for hardware, software or other services. The communication can be carried out by phone or by electronic means. Software such as remote maintenance tools or live support systems can be used as support. Requests are managed in a so-called trouble ticket system. This software supports the processing of service requests. It manages, confirms, classifies and processes requests such as incoming calls or e-mails. In addition, these requests are assigned to specific contact or departments to be processed. Using the history of the service requests generated by the trouble ticket system, one has always access to both closed and open tickets. This way, no information is lost and an overview of all requests or processing of individual ticket is guaranteed. Setting up interfaces from a trouble ticket system to another system, such as a database, are possible.

In the context of complaint management, a knowledge database in which the so-called frequently asked questions, short FAQ, are managed is also useful. This way, recurring problems and their potential solutions can be documented there and directly called up for hotline inquiries.

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With SMARTCRM, you have all necessary machine or ticket information ready, can coordinate your service appointments and can keep track of everything even on the go.


SMARTCRM in service

Using complaints as an opportunity for customer satisfaction

Essential for customer loyalty is good service. The customer expects not only fault-free products but also added value through excellent service and product communication. All customer requirements must therefore be captured and reflected in the product and service characteristics. With SMARTCRM, you fulfill this requirement, process your customer inquiries professionally and ensure satisfied customers.


SMARTCRM in the capital goods industry

Closer to customers in sales and service

Customer contact has a special significance for a manufacturer in the capital goods industry, since it does not end with the sale. The subsequent care is crucial for customer loyalty. Learn how SMARTCRM supports companies in the capital goods industry.