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Using complaints as an opportunity for customer satisfaction

Essential for customer loyalty is good service. Those who turn to a service department are usually unsatisfied and perhaps even angry. Fast and competent help is all the more important. Usually, reality looks somewhat different: complaints are recorded in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access and saved locally, so that many colleagues do not have access to them. The communication is insufficient, it lacks of transparency between departments such as service and sales.

This leads to lack of knowledge among the employees and ultimately to poor customer service as well as a waste of cross selling potential. The analysis of complaints is complex, time-consuming and often insufficiently detailed.

Informed when the phone is ringing

SMARTCRM supports the service management with extensive functions. If a customer calls to report a complaint, SMARTCRM starts right when the phone is ringing. Thanks to the CTI function, the name of the caller is displayed and with a single click the whole related activity history as well. This way, SMARTCRM keeps you informed about previous contacts with the customer. All relevant incoming ticket data, such as involved addresses, concerned projects and machines as well as all related activities, can then be documented in the CRM system.

Solutions in the knowledge database

Error descriptions and solutions generated in the context of a complaint can be taken over into the FAQ with just a click and thereby create a knowledge database. The entries can be searched for according to individually defined search criteria, such as corresponding machine type, categories or key fields. This way, in case of recurring problems, you have the appropriate solution rapidly on the screen, are faster knowledgeable, can immediately react and therefore give rapid and competent assistance to your customers.

Accessing all CRM data even when at the customer’s

If a complaint cannot be directly clarified on the phone, you can for instance send your service colleague a task via the CRM system and if necessary, set up an appointment. Before going to the customer, your colleague can gain extensive information concerning previous repairs and maintenance in SMARTCRM. Even when at the customer’s site, all data can be accessed using a notebook or a tablet thanks to the CRM offline capability. After repair, the service report can be directly recorded in the CRM system for example as an 8D report. Since all colleagues in charge have access to it, the laborious sending of the report is no longer needed. SMARTCRM supports you not only in case of complaints, but also in routine operations. SMARTCRM will indeed remind you of upcoming routine maintenance appointments.

Detecting and solving errors

Moreover, SMARTCRM allows you to analyze and permanently fix recurring sources of error.

  • Are there any repetitive complaints for example?
  • Or does a customer always have problems with a machine?
  • What is the average processing time of a complaint?

In the CRM system, technical problems or improvement processes in customer care can be detected and optimized at an early stage. With an overview of the claimed products per customer, you can see which customers may be using a product that does not meet their needs, and can therefore offer them more suitable products. In addition, average processing times can be determined and optimized if necessary.

Successful companies on the long-term are indeed characterized by a deep understanding of the problems, needs and expectations of customers. They expect not only fault-free products but also added value through excellent service and product communication. All customer requirements must therefore be captured and reflected in the product and service characteristics. With SMARTCRM, you fulfill this requirement, process your customer inquiries in a professional way and ensure the satisfaction of your customers. Achieving customer satisfaction means retaining customers – indispensable in today’s market.

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With SMARTCRM, you have all necessary machine or ticket information ready, can coordinate your service appointments and can keep track of everything even on the go.


Field service

SMARTCRM offers the adequate solution for all requirements in sales and service in the field.


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