Campaign management

How a CRM system can successfully support you!

Campaign management covers planning, control and monitoring of a marketing campaign.

Thereby campaign management includes:

  • the definition and the selection of the target group,
  • the creation, for instance of an e-mail campaign,
  • the dispatch,
  • the follow-up management,
  • as well as the analysis of the campaign.

When defining a target group, the goals and the competences of the company as well as the existing customer structure must be taken into account. The goal of the selection is to maximize the sales opportunity by addressing the right potential buyers and to minimize the wastage in a marketing campaign.
The so-called database marketing is helpful for selecting the target group. As in dialog marketing, the  database in which all current customer information is managed, classified and selectable is the foundation.
Running campaigns across different communication channels (e.g., e-mail, phone, internet) is referred to as multi-channel campaigns.

Easily addressing the right target group – CRM in marketing

Classifying addresses in detail

Addresses and contact persons can be classified and categorized in a CRM system. This could be based on free definable features that later enable a detailed characterization. This way, different information such as the conclusion of a maintenance contract with the customer, the participation in a training or the name of the contact invited to a fair can be stored.

Addressing the right target group

Thanks to such features, the appropriate target group can be exactly defined and selected. This ensures that only the ones that really fit into an action will be contacted.
For instance, if an accessory that can only be used with a given product has been developed, addressing all customer is not appropriate. Indeed, those who do not possess this product, cannot have any use of its accessory.
Or else, invitations to a seminar should be sent. As long as the CRM software has been configured, confirmations of participation and declines can be conveniently documented and provide an overview on the participants at any time. One does not want to send a reminder to a contact of a company that has already cancelled and can therefore be automatically excluded from the reminder selection.

Sending mailings conveniently

The cover letter can be also optimally created. Thanks to the appropriate CRM software, this is done quickly and smoothly. The selection of the target group is then followed by the creation of the mailing in which the recipient data are automatically inserted. Alternately, an e-mail will be created in which texts, pictures and other layout elements must be inserted once – the dispatch to each recipient is taken over by the CRM software. And under certain circumstances, it documents each e-mail and each letter sent for each corresponding contact person.
Following up on a marketing action? No problem, since ideally the CRM system automatically sends tasks to the employees in charge.

A CRM system supports the marketing processes in a sustainable way. It provides automation and structuring of the work processes and therefore minimizes time and effort for the execution of marketing actions as well as their documentation and follow-up.

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SMARTCRM ensures that your information appeals to the customer and guarantees a successful campaign management.