SMARTCRM 23.1: Search, find and send made easy

New version coming soon with innovations for users and administrators

SMARTCRM 23.1 is almost there, and both administrators and users will benefit!

As a result, 23.1 includes many practical innovations, such as features that make it easier to customize the SMART Board. SMARTCRM also supports grid searches with additional functionality, including the ability to define the columns to be searched and colored markings. In addition, grid overviews in the new version can also be undocked, allowing them to be displayed on a second screen for maximum clarity.

There is also an exciting new feature for the SMARTCRM.Organizer: Documents that are not to be archived in SMARTCRM can be attached directly to an Organizer entry and sent. This makes it easy to send drafts or files for internal meeting preparation. And if a task is sent to a team member who is out of the office, the Organizer automatically notifies the sender with an alert.

SMARTCRM system administrators are also in for a speed boost! With targeted optimizations, our developers have given the new version a performance upgrade when used over VPN. Take advantage of this and work with new speed in SMARTCRM 23.1 over VPN!